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Supplier Directory

Supplier Directory

ABIC has partnered with trusted and leading businesses, educators and organisations in a one of a kind ABIC vetted and endorsed industry supplier directory. Our aim is to help your clinic grow, and to provide you with gold standard contacts within the industry.

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The highest quality and most effective products for your clinic, salon and spa from the most trusted industry brands.

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Choose only state of the art technology, trusted names and leading companies to provide you with the most innovative aesthetic equipment in the industry. 

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Support Organisations

Leading support organisations have partnered with ABIC to provide guidance and support to professionals and businesses within the industry.

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Clinic Suppliers

ABIC vetted clinic suppliers operate with integrity, honesty and a commitment to deliver the highest level of service and advice to grow and diversify your business. 

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Business Services

ABIC has partnered with businesses in various fields to help you to manage and grow your clinic, spa or salon. Innovative ideas and effective approaches to save money, grow revenue and improve your business.

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Advertising & Marketing

Partner with innovative marketing professionals with specific expertise in the aesthetic industry, to get results for your business. 

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Looking to get into the aesthetic industry or advance your skills, you can trust ABIC education partners to deliver the most current and thorough education in the industry. Set yourself up for success!

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Access to the best coaches, mentors and industry experts. Get personalised advice and focused support to help you overcome professional challenges and take your business to the next level.

Submit Your Business

Being an ABIC endorsed Supplier Member is very important role within the aesthetic industry, it allows you to:

1.   Support the aesthetic industry and the many amazing professionals and business within it

2.   Offer your quality and reputable services to the industry and to members 

3.   Be involved in advancing the industry,  be recognised as a generous leader in your field and truly make a difference

The categories of supplier membership are:

  • Products
  • Equipment
  • Support Organisations
  • Clinic Suppliers
  • Business Services
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Education
  • Coaching

If you would like to be part of ABIC as a Supplier Member, please submit this form for consideration, and more information on membership benefits and pricing.

If you require more information please email [email protected]

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