Beaute By ABIC Journal

Time After Time

Issue 4     READ HERE

In our latest publication of the Beaute by ABIC Journal we wrap up 2022.  It’s truly been a year of raising the bar and breaking glass ceilings. This edition explores new employment laws for the industry and how ABIC is front and centre supporting business owners and employees. From government updates to applying for jobs to incentives for employees, we cover it all in this issue.

Did you miss any events this year? We look at what events to watch in 2023 as we reminisce over the top events of 2022. This journal discusses the newest trends, research, and offers from ABIC supplier members. Don't miss out on this issue, read on to stay up to date.

We hope you truly enjoy this issue.

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Beaute By ABIC Journal

EXPO Edition

Issue 3     READ HERE

In our latest publication of the Beaute By ABIC Journal we recap the Beauty Expo weekend experience and all the learnings that we garnered from the event.

This edition is a beautiful retrospective for those that attended the Expo and an in depth insight for those that weren't able to be there.

Explore images, trends and commentary from our leaders, business owners and industry professionals, enjoy reading about our very first ABIC Cocktail event and take in some educational and insightful articles as well.

We hope you truly enjoy this issue.

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Beaute By ABIC Journal

From Old, Renewed 

Issue 2      READ HERE

In our latest publication of the Beaute By ABIC Journal we explore the concept of bringing traditional wisdom into the modern day with our theme - From Old, Renewed.

We delve into science-based evidence for the benefits of traditional treatments and discover ways of blending cultural knowledge with the latest technological advancements in the world of beauty and aesthetics.

In this edition, we look to studies to inform us, and ancient rituals to inspire us, whilst opening the door to new ways of creating holistic, results driven experiences for our clients.

And of course we discuss all things business from staff incentives to managing compliance and so much more, including the latest news, podcasts and exciting information about our 1st ever ABIC in person event!

We hope you truly enjoy this issue.

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Beaute By ABIC Journal

From Uncertainty to Strength

Issue 1     READ HERE

These past two years of hardship and struggle have indeed tested us, but as I look to my industry colleagues and community what stands out the most, is their resilience in the face of uncertainty.

As we have emerged from one setback into another, rather than regression, I can see strength growing within the professionals of our field, innovation sprouting within our businesses, and unity flourishing within our community. 

It is for this reason that the only possible theme that is apt for our very first issue of the Beaute by ABIC Journal is "From Uncertainty to Strength".

In this issue, we hear stories from incredible industry peers that are overcoming adversity, proving to us all that we have the fortitude within us to persist and prevail.

We learn techniques from Mala McAlpin (ABIC Editor & Dermal Therapist) to strengthen our minds, conquer our inner fears and overcome our external challenges. 

We gain fascinating insight from Gay Wardle (Dermal Educator) and Yadira Galarza Cauchi (Beauty Journalist) about heat and inflammation, and the importance of understanding these vital processes for thorough skin analysis and consultation with your clients or patients.

And we discover strategies to increase our cashflow from Matt Williams (ABIC & PBS Director) and find out how to reduce our biggest expense from Kelly Cunningham (Leasing Expert).

We all need a reminder now and then of the infinite power that we hold inside of us, and we also at times need a helping hand to tap into our creative energy, that when unleashed, can truly bring about the most positive of changes.

I hope that reading this issue will remind you of that inner strength, inspire you, and reinforce your resolve to grow, prosper and continue to move from uncertainty to strength.


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