Specialised Consults

Specialised Consults

As an ABIC Clinic Member you receive access to full time facilitators and HR professionals that will tailor one on one consultations to your needs, and provide you with up to date general business, HR & IR documents, contracts and resources.

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The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council has a dedicated workplace advisory team made up of qualified HR and IR professionals that are specialised in providing clinics, managers and owners in the aesthetic industry with accurate and complete advice regarding all of your workplace matters. 

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For which sectors of the aesthetic industry does ABIC provide workplace advice?

We provide support and assistance to all the sectors of the aesthetic industry:

  • Medical Aesthetic
  • Dermal
  • Beauty Services and Beauty Therapy

Many clinics and salons  hire or contract multiple types of aesthetic professionals within each of these industry categories, our specialist workplace team are qualified to give holistic advice for your clinic based on your varied team of professionals.

How do I access my ABIC specialised resources and tailored phone consultations?

These advanced resources and personally tailored consultations are available as part of your ABIC Clinic Membership. 

If you own or manage a clinic, salon or beauty bar within the aesthetic industry you can have access to Clinic Membership which gives you full time access to industry facilitators and HR professionals for as little as a couple of coffee's per week!

Clinic Membership services medical aesthetic clinics, skin clinics, beauty salons, and beauty services and make-up bars.

What days and times do I have access to my specialised consultations?

Our facilitators and workplace specialists are available full time, Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm EST.

During peak or busy times our workplace advisors have a 90 minute response time to emails and voice messages.

What type of specialised consultations are available?

The areas of advice given are varied and are tailored to you and your clinics specific needs, whilst covering a range of topics including contracts, employees, contractors, performance matters, including dealing with sickness absences and more.

Below is a brief list of the type of consultations and specialised resources that are available to Clinic Members of ABIC via phone consultation, however we will be able to assist, or guide you regarding any workplace matter that you require.

Hundreds of general staff and workplace consultations and resources including:

  • Employee Consent Form
  • Bonus payment
  • Covering letter for new employment contract
  • Acceptance of retirement
  • Casual conversion clause
  • Casual loading offset
  • Confirmation of end of fixed term arrangement
  • Confirming leave of absence
  • Contract variation or promotion
  • Directing award employee to take excessive annual leave
  • Higher duties allowance
  • Offer with key terms
  • Statement of service
  • Training repayment agreement
  • Temporary change to terms and conditions

Salaries and explanations of Awards resources and consultations including:

  • Annualised Wage Arrangement
  • Company Car Clause
  • Parental Leave Replacement Clause
  • Paid Work Experience Contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Contracts and employment agreement resources and consultations including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Letters of offer
  • Termination due to misconduct
  • Termination due to serious misconduct 
  • Termination due to unsatisfactory performance
  • Termination of casual engagement
  • Employee Departure Checklist
  • Stand Down of Employment
  • Acceptance of Resignation
  • Exit Interview Form
  • At risk of redundancy
  • Notice of termination due to redundancy
  • Redundancy selection matrix
  • Probationary period extension
  • Successful completion of probationary period
  • Termination due to unsuccessful probation
  • Probation Review Form

Abandonment of employment resources and consultations including:

  • Potential abandonment of employment
  • Abandonment of employment - final warning
  • Termination due to abandonment

Performance management resources and consultations including: 

  • Notice to attend formal performance review meeting
  • Warning that performance improvement required
  • Performance Improvement Plan - Template

Sickness absence resources and consultations including:

  • Letter - Directing employee to medical assessment
  • Letter - To medical practitioner requesting medical report

COVID-19 employment advice resources and consultations including:

  • Agreement for reduced hours or pay or unpaid leave
  • Stand down due to COVID-19
  • End of stand down period
  • COVID-19 Risk Register

Disciplinary resources and consultations including:

  • Notice to attend disciplinary meeting re misconduct
  • Suspension of employment letter
  • Warning (misconduct)
  • Record of Disciplinary Meeting

Flexible work arrangement resources and consultations including:

  • Individual Flexibility Agreement Template
  • Confirming flexible working trial arrangement
  • Flexible Working Application Form
  • Working from Home Checklist

Grievances and investigation resources and consultations including:

  • 4 Step Workplace Investigation Process
  • Formal Grievance Form
  • Initial Response and Notification of Allegations
  • Initial Response to Complainant
  • Investigation Report Template
  • Workplace Investigation Plan
  • Workplace Investigations - Interview Process Guide

General parental leave resources and consultations including:

  • Confirming parental leave commencement
  • Statutory Declaration - Parental Leave

Jury duty resources and consultations including:

  • Confirmation of arrangements for jury duty
  • Jury duty exemption request
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ABIC represents every sector & person in Aesthetics & Beauty

ABIC is your support organisation and your business & industry advisor. Join us and let us help you to advance your business today.

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Quick Reference Guide – What type of Clinics and Salons does ABIC represent?

Medical Aesthetic Clinics that offer:

  • Dermatology
  • Injectables
  • Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medical Procedure
  • All Laser Modalities (Ablative and Non-Ablative)

Dermal Clinics that offer:

  • Advanced Dermal Treatments
  • Laser Modalities (Non-Ablative)
  • Holistic Skin Health Treatments
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

Beauty Therapy Salons that offer:

  • Beauty Therapy Treatments
  • Skin Treatments
  • Massage
  • Spa treatments

Beauty Service Salons and Bars that offer:

  • Nail Services
  • Waxing Services
  • Lash and Brow Services
  • Piercing
  • Make-Up Services

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