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About ABIC

About ABIC

The Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) has been created for the industry, by the industry, to unite as one powerfully strong voice. Our goal is to represent the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics Industry, to be an expert voice to government, to advocate for benchmark standards, self-regulation, and to support the advancement of our industry at every level.

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Our Story

More than half of the professional beauty industry are not covered or supported by an industry body. The other half are scattered across industry and non-industry specific associations. 

The lack of unison leaves the industry exposed in the face of challenges with little to no voice when presenting to government. We are not being heard and it’s leaving our industry compromised and fighting many independent battles as opposed to one strong one.

It’s time for a united front that authentically represents you and your industry. 

As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. If we are to be recognised for the advanced industry we are, then the time has come for all people, across all segments of the Professional Beauty Industry to join forces and be heard. 

Built on the values of consistency, professional standards and advocacy, the Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) was founded. Dedicated to providing an authentic, ethical and supportive community for industry professionals, ABIC has been established for the betterment of professional standards, working practices and unity of the salon, clinic, spa industry, existing associations and to help the consumer identify quality treatments and experiences. 

Created for the industry, by the industry, ABIC Board Members are personally invested in the industry. They were chosen thanks to their long-term dedication to the industry, their passion, drive, commitment, their specialised skill sets and their industry network connections that will help build an industry standard, regulation and voice to government.

Channelling our Board Members individual expertise, ABIC members will gain access to a plethora of resources to enhance their business operations, boost their professional conduct, transform their leadership confidence and develop team members in order to reach an exemplary standard and consumer awareness.

Pairing the unwavering passion of small businesses with a large voice, ABIC proudly provides our diverse and indispensable aesthetic industry with the transparent, trusted and united representation they deserve when it comes to industry awards and regulations, human resource and legal support.

Our Board Members

All active, working members of our industry, ABIC Board Members are heavily invested in the growth and advancement of the Professional Beauty and Aesthetics Industry. Before ABIC, many of our Board Members relationships would have best been described as competitors. Today, they share many hours every week working on the betterment of the Industry. As industry experts and a united board, they are committed to advancing the industry and are working for the people, across all segments of our diverse industry.

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Stefanie Milla

CEO + Director

CEO and Formulator of Dermalist Skincare

With immense experience as a formulator, CEO of Dermalist Skincare, director of dermal clinics and educator, Stefanie is an asset to members within laser, dermal and non-surgical segments. She brings a wealth of knowledge in training, management, auditing and standards, business and team development and cosmetic chemistry.

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Reika Roberts

Chair + Director

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Derma Aesthetics

Reika has a strong background in business management, client development, accounting, finance, sales, marketing and recruitment. A global award winner for marketing and customer support, Reika is a wealth of knowledge for our businesses wanting to scale up

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Tamara Reid

Vice-Chair + Council Member

Founding Director of Beaute Industrie

Tamara is an entrepreneur and community creator with vast industry experience on a global scale. Tamara has been instrumental in founding the ABIC and is celebrated for her plethora of knowledge in business development, education, effective communication, leadership and marketing. 

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Emma Hobson

Council Member

Director of Education (APAC) for the International Dermal Institute

From spa director, educator to executive leader, Emma’s 35+ years’ experience spans across many facets of our industry. A speaker on the world’s stage, Emma expertise is business strategies having helped hundreds of business owners succeed in this multibillion-dollar industry.

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Faye Murray

Council Member

Founder of Your Coach

A trusted business coach for 15+ years, Faye has a broad understanding of both the hair and beauty industry. An ABIA hall of fame inductee and facilitator to the AHC board, Faye understands the importance industry consistency, support and accreditation.

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Gay Wardle

Council Member

Founder of Gay Wardle Education

Through her commitment to motivating and teaching others, Gay is one of the most respected icons in our illustrious industry. An internationally recognised keynote speaker and ABIA hall of fame inductee, Gay is also an experienced skin clinic owner.

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Greg Ure

Council Member + Director

CEO of Caronlab

A voice to government, Greg has served as a Victorian State Council member and is a fellow of the Australian HR Institute. Greg is passionate about driving sustainability and professionalism to craft a stronger and united industry for all.  

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Jahan Kalantar

Council Member

Managing partner of Executive Legal 

Jahan has extensive experience in commercial, civil and litigation matters. He brings a wealth of regulatory and compliance experience to the ABIC board.

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Karla McDiarmid

Council Member

Director of Macquarie Medi Spa Bathurst and Orange

Director of the multi-award-winning Macquarie Medi Spa Bathurst and Orange, Karla is well-versed in the intricacies of multi-site business ownership, leadership and marketing. Karla is devoted to our industry and thrilled to be sharing her 20+ years expertise with members.

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Keira Maloney

Council Member

Brand Ambassador of HeadHunter Recruitment

Keira is an experienced HR and recruitment professional working within the beauty, skin and laser industry. She is an expert in setting candidates up for success in their job search, assisting leaders with managing and maintaining an excellent team culture.

board-members abic-board011

Maria Enna-Cocciolone

Council Member

Founder and CEO of Inskin Cosmedics

With over 35 years industry experience, Maria leads Inskin Cosmedics and a portfolio of Medical Aesthetic brands to include two of her own skincare brands O COSMEDICS and GINGER&ME. She has a wealth of knowledge in brand development, branding, marketing, company culture, leadership, and client communications.

board-members abic-board010

Matt Williams

Council Member + Director

Managing Director of Professional Beauty Solutions

Leading Australia’s most trusted distributor of professional beauty brands, Matt supports over 2,000 beauty businesses across Australia with world-leading products and education. A trailblazer in business development, Matt brings expertise in scalability, profitability and product manufacturing to our members.

Foundation Members

abic-foundationmembers advaned-skin-technology

Advanced Skin Technology

abic-foundationmembers beaute-industrie

Beaute Industrie

abic-foundationmembers candela


abic-foundationmembers caronlab


abic-foundationmembers cutera




abic-foundationmembers dermalist


abic-foundationmembers dermalogica


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abic-foundationmembers dmk


abic-foundationmembers 442

Elly Lukas

abic-foundationmembers elleebana


abic-foundationmembers gay-wardle-education

Gay Wardle Education

abic-foundationmembers globalbeautygroup

The Global Beauty Group

abic-foundationmembers inskincosmedics

Inskin Cosmedics

abic-foundationmembers murad


abic-foundationmembers professional-beauty-solutions

Professional Beauty Solutions

abic-foundationmembers BEA_Logo_StackedBlk

Beauty Expo Australia

abic-foundationmembers sothys


abic-foundationmembers timely


abic-foundationmembers high-tech-medical

High Tech Medical

abic-foundationmembers ultraderm


abic-foundationmembers vital-plus

Vital Plus

Who does ABIC represent?

The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council represents and supports a variety of businesses, organisations and individuals within various sectors such as:

The Medical Aesthetic sector

  • Dermatology
  • Injectables
  • Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medical Procedure
  • All Laser Modalities (Ablative and Non-Ablative)

The Dermal Sector

  • Advanced Dermal Treatments
  • Laser Modalities (Non-Ablative)
  • Holistic Skin Health Treatments
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

The Beauty Therapy Sector

  • Beauty Therapy Treatments
  • Skin Treatments
  • Massage
  • Spa treatments

The Beauty Services

  • Nail Services
  • Waxing Services
  • Lash and Brow Services
  • Piercing
  • Make-Up Services
Who can join the ABIC?

The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council is a representative and supportive body that encompasses the entire aesthetic and beauty industry, and all the various sectors within it. 

If you are a clinic or salon, a beauty or aesthetic professional, or a student in the industry, then there is an ABIC membership type for you.

Clinic Membership

Clinic membership with the ABIC assists businesses within the aesthetic and beauty industry.

Clinics and salons receive support and guidance with industry specific issues by trained expert facilitators who are available full time to answer your questions.

Access to specialised human resources and industrial relations experts is available to clinic members between Monday and Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Individual tailored consultations are available regarding all staff related matters, including contracts, hiring, awards, legal requirements, performance management, end of employment procedures and more. All of your HR and IR questions can be answered and tailored specifically to your requirements.

Hundreds of resources in order to run your business effectively in the areas of business management, marketing, sales, training and education, and many more are included in your clinic membership.

You will also be recognised as being part of an industry leading association that promotes and advocates high standards in all areas of the aesthetic and beauty industry.

Summary of Clinic Member benefits:

  • A voice to Government through ABIC
  • Credibility & recognition - registered with benchmark industry council
  • Ability to access ABIC certification in the later half of 2021
  • Reliable updates from Government
  • Tailored and extensive resource library
  • Access to unlimited HR advice
  • Access to unlimited IR advice
  • Access to general business advice
  • Connect with other industry professionals through closed community pages
  • Regular training and upskilling
  • Discounted advanced training, symposiums and events
  • Connection to shared benefits of other affiliated industry associations

Contact us to become a Clinic Member today

Professional Individual Membership

Being an ABIC professional member means that you are represented by the leading association in the aesthetic and beauty industry.

You'll be part of a community of like-minded professionals, that are learning, growing, and advancing their skills, careers and reputations.

The ABIC allows you to have access to industry leaders, educators and key opinion leaders in the industry. It allows you to stay abreast of industry changes, keep motivated and develop professionally through educational symposiums, training an industry events.

You will network with passionate, successful and driven industry professionals to grow your career and nurture your experiences.

Summary of Individual Professional Membership benefits:

  • A voice to Government through ABIC
  • Credibility & recognition - Registered with benchmark beauty industry association
  • Accessibly priced membership for a individual industry professional
  • Online access to Connect Level resource library
  • Current and informative communication via ABIC private member EDM’s, including reliable Government and legislative updates, valuable business development material, advancements in treatments and education
  • Access to closed social and digital community platforms as soon as they go live
  • Discounts to ABIC and industry events, training and suppliers

Contact us to become a Professional Member today

Student Membership

Student membership with the ABIC allows aspiring beauty and aesthetic professionals access to industry leading information, events, training, and networking.

As an ABIC Student Member you will have the ability to network with industry KOL’s, educators and successful entrepreneurs. This experience is invaluable when beginning a career in the aesthetic field.

Student members are represented to government through ABIC, and are recognised as respected members of the industry. Membership will also allow students a competitive advantage in the commercial and employment side of the industry.

Summary of Student Membership benefits:

  • A voice to Government through ABIC
  • Credibility & recognition - Registered with benchmark beauty industry association
  • Accessibly priced membership for an industry student
  • Tailored guidance, training and advice to students starting out in their career.
  • Online access to Connect Level resource library
  • Current and informative communication via ABIC private member EDM’s, including reliable Government and legislative updates, valuable business development material, advancements in treatments and education
  • Access to closed social and digital community platforms as soon as they go live
  • Discounts to ABIC and industry events, training and suppliers

Contact us to become a Student Member today

Why join the ABIC?

The ABIC is the first of its kind umbrella association for all of the varied sectors of the aesthetic and beauty industry. It seeks to represent all of the individual organisations within the industry, along with all industry stakeholders, and encourages them to be partners of ABIC through tailored membership offerings that provide unlimited and full-time access to the extensive and industry wide offerings, resources and connections that are accessible to ABIC.

Benefits of joining ABIC:

  • Member access to a vast resource library that will provide contemporary, reliable and accurate documents, advice, know how and procedures to manage their entire businesses and operations.
  • Complete employment, staffing and human resources from HR and IR experts who understand our industry and Award, accessible full time to Clinic Members.
  • Certification for industry members, covering management & operations, marketing, business presentation and client service, employment standards and sustainability.
  • Member access to an industry specific recruitment platform, Head-hunter Recruitment Australia.
  • Extensive training, education and events utilising industry experts.
  • Industry wide member discounts with ABIC partners and suppliers.
  • And that’s just the beginning.

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