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Become an ABIC Council Member

Become an ABIC Council Member

The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council is a prestigious institution dedicated to elevating the standards and ethical practices within our industry. We are on a journey of progress, transformation, and ethical excellence for the beauty & aesthetics field.

As our esteemed original councillors conclude their tenure with our association, we are actively searching for passionate, influential, and purpose-driven leaders to assume advisory roles within ABIC.

Our council members go beyond the role of advisors; they are visionaries, leaders, and advocates who inspire those around them. Their remarkable capability to ignite inspiration is instrumental in attracting new members to join ABIC, moving us closer to the realisation of our vision of an elevated, united and formidable industry with a resounding voice to government and for positive change. 

In this journey, we seek an leader of unparalleled dedication, expertise, and passion, that has a strong community following of professionals, in each of the areas below:

  • RTO Education in Beauty or Aesthetics 
  • Salon Owner in Beauty or Spa
  • Cosmetic Nurse or Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner 
  • Cosmetic Doctor 
  • Nail Technician or Educator 
  • Make up Artist or Educator 
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Artist or Educator
  • Lawyer 
  • Government Lobbyist or similar 
  • Marketing Executive  


The following council positions are now already currently occupied: 

  • Dermal & Aesthetic Clinic Owner
  • Skincare Formulator & Owner
  • Beauty Business Coach 
  • Supplier of Equipment & Devices  
  • Supplier of Skincare


 The role commitment is as follows:

1. A once per month two hour meeting currently held on Tuesdays where the advisory council come together to update on their progress in communicating ABIC's message to industry, and offer their ideas and feedback to the ABIC CEO & Directors

2. A commitment to undertaking a minimum of two hours of monthly activities within their communities or the wider industry to increase the ABIC membership base

3. Participating in selected ABIC initiatives and events throughout the year and having the ability to speak and communicate ABICs message to an audience.

4. Offering one to two hours a month to administrative needs for ABIC. 


The ABIC structure and responsibilities:

  • Being an ABIC Councillor is a purely advisory and volunteer position that holds no legal or financial responsibility. 
  • The function of the council is to provide industry insight to the CEO & Directors of the organisation and to also drive membership to the organisation.
  • The head of the Council activities is the Chair, who must also be a Director of ABIC.
  • The CEO & Director of ABIC is the head of the organisation.
  • The Directors of ABIC are the legal and financial responsible parties of ABIC. 


*For more information on the ABIC structure, please see our Constitution attached in our terms and conditions section of our website. 


Why Should You Become a Councillor?

Those who can envision a brighter, more responsible future for our industry and are prepared to commit their talents and resources to make that vision a reality. Serving as a council member is a profound privilege, and it is a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Throughout this application process, you will have the opportunity to showcase not only your qualifications but also your vision for the industry's future. We are searching for those who will guide us toward innovative solutions, advocate for responsible practices, and embody the values of excellence and integrity that define our council.

The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council is more than an organization; it is a movement driven by individuals who believe in the power of collective action to create meaningful change. 

As you embark on this application journey, know that you are joining a community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for the beauty and aesthetics industry.

Your commitment to this process reflects your dedication to making a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy in an industry that thrives on transformation and self-expression. 

We eagerly await your application and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you into the ranks of the Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council, where together, we will shape the future of beauty, ethics, and excellence.

Become an ABIC Councillor

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