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Derma Aesthetics was founded by Simone Vescio and Reika Roberts in 2010 with a visionary goal: to pave the way for advanced skincare education grounded in the philosophy of Corneotherapy. 

This innovative approach emphasises the importance of maintaining and restoring the skin's barrier function, promoting overall skin health. At derma aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing our partners with unparalleled opportunities to expand their knowledge base and support their growth within the dynamic skincare and aesthetics industry. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continuous sharing of the latest education and research on skin health and function. By staying at the forefront of scientific advancements and industry trends, we equip our partners with the tools and insights they need to excel. This not only enhances their professional development but also ensures they can deliver superior outcomes for their clients. Through effective communication and a collaborative approach, derma aesthetics fosters a thriving community of skincare professionals. We believe that well-informed practitioners are key to achieving positive results and elevating the standards of skincare. 

Our dedication to education and innovation drives our mission to make a lasting impact on the industry, benefiting our partners and their clients alike.


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