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NSW COVID Safety Plan for Beauty & Aesthetics

In NSW it is now required that personal services, beauty & aesthetic salons/clinics, and nail salons to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

The required plan is very comprehensive and many practitioners and business owners have not had time to put this detailed document together, and that is why ABIC has created an industry tailored example for your to follow which will minimize the time and effort required to design your plan.

Your COVID-19 Safety Plan should be developed in consultation with your team and your relevant Health and Safety Representatives at your workplace.

The ABIC guide attached complies with NSW Public Health directions, order and restrictions for COVID-19.

Please study and adapt this guide to suit specifically your workplace and don’t forget that you must meet your obligations under the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011 – details in the attached plan.

We sincerely hope that this help alleviate the burden, time and confusion of creating your plan without guidance.


NSW COVID Safety Plan

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