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Microbiome-friendly Skincare

Meder Beauty Science (today referred to as Meder Beauty) was founded in Antibes, France in 2009. At first it was a small family enterprise, created and headed by a visionary dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder. Today it is an international enterprise with distribution partners in 30 countries and Meder Beauty treatments offered in more than 10,000 clinics all over the world. 

While working as a cosmetic developer for large professional skincare brands, Dr Meder stumbled upon an idea of introducing muscle relaxing peptides into aesthetic practice. The use of these peptides, as a substitute treatment for people who couldn’t or wouldn’t have botox injections - mostly pregnant and nursing women in their 30s and 40s - was ground-breaking. These peptides were safe, painless to administer and achieve similar results, albeit over a longer period of time. Excited by the prospects, Dr Tiina Meder pitched the idea to big skincare corporations, but they turned it down: too complex, too scientific, market too narrow and the price of the treatment too high. They also conceded that it wouldn’t be simple to administer peptides to the deep skin structures either. Disappointed, Dr Meder continued her research and when she found a fool-proof application method with the use of high concentration niacinamide, her first working prototype was ready. 

In 2009 she collaborated with a Swiss laboratory to launch Myo-Fix (then called VARFX), the first ever professional treatment for expression lines featuring myorelaxing peptides. It has since been endorsed by The British Association of Plastic Surgery as a safe and real alternative for the patients who couldn’t have Botox injections for health reasons. Over 100,000 Myo-Fix treatment sets were sold in the first 2 years after the launch. Thereafter, Meder Beauty continued to pioneer ingredients, solutions and methods, previously unknown in the beauty industry. Guided by its creator’s bold scientific vision and a firm belief in natural pain-free beauty, Meder Beauty strives to achieve maximum beneficial effect using only safe ingredients. The key priorities of Meder Beauty are safety, visible and stable results and healthy skin.

We don’t believe in ageism, objectification of women, exclusion and peer pressure, so common in the beauty industry. Instead, we embrace the beauty of feeling good.” Dr Meder

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