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Innovation Beauty Lab anticipates trends and brings unique products. 

Innovation Beauty Labs is dedicated to providing Australian salons with access to exclusive, premium-quality, innovative skincare products and new-generation technologies using clean, proven ingredients at optimum concentrations that really work and deliver genuine results to clients. 

Bio-revitalising peel a NEW generation chemical peeling containing a pool of bio-revitalising and bio-regenerating ingredients that make the product unique and exclusive. 

  • No downtime ✨ 
  • Unique, Exclusive, European Pattern Technology 
  • Can be perform all year around ☀️ 
  • Enhances other treatments - great ADD ON



Innovation Beauty Lab is offering ABIC Members only an exclusive launch offer.  No open order or minimum spend.

T&Cs: Offer valid to new clients only and expires on 31st August 2023.

OFFER #1 - Buy BIOR5 and get 30% off BIOR5 Booster (can be used with micro-needling) 

OFFER #2 - Buy BIOR5 and you can get BIOT2 and/or ISecret 20% OFF

Email [email protected] for your discount code.

BIOR5 - It deeply stimulates the skin providing marked bio-regeneration, tissue toning and strong moisturising action. 

BIOT2- Corrects the signs of skin hyperpigmentation 

ISecret -  Lightning Intimate area 

BIOSYS - a unique combination of natural prebiotics that stimulate the skin balance. It contributes to the growth and activity of bacteria useful for skin health, protecting from acne, redness and ageing. 


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