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Aesthetic MET (AMET – is Australia & New Zealand's first Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team. We provide Aesthetic complication support to all registered HCP’s through both phone support and access to an unbiased and evidence-based educational platform.   Our vision is to raise aesthetic medicine safety standards and optimise patient outcomes by providing all aesthetic practitioners with 24/7 access to unbiased, evidenced-based aesthetic safety education and complication support. 

The AMET Advisory Panel is a team of locally and internationally renowned industry experts that have a wealth of aesthetic medicine and adverse event experience. The Advisory Panel oversees all of AMET's adverse event protocols to ensure we have current, evidenced based protocols to ensure optimal management of adverse events. Complication prevention and management is by far the greatest unmet need in Global aesthetics. Many complications that arise in aesthetics are avoidable, however even the most experienced of aesthetic healthcare practitioners will still encounter adverse events. As health care practitioners, we need to remember that we can control HOW we administer treatments, but we cannot control what happens next. However, by carefully and promptly managing these unexpected adverse events, outcomes for our patients will be greatly improved.


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