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A Wrinkle Treatment To Rival Injectables Has Arrived

If you have clients or patients whose concerns revolve specifically around their wrinkles, but aren’t ready to commit to injectables, we have some news for you. Introducing Murad’s latest-to-launch: Targeted Wrinkle Corrector.

Targeted Wrinkle Corrector is a powerful non-invasive spot treatment for wrinkles, whose results speak for themselves. This powerful peptide-meets-hyaluronic treatment virtually erases wrinkles instantly, and continues to provide long term benefits after 4 weeks of daily application.

Working like an instant filler, this highly bioavailable concoction of hyaluronic acid and peptides floods wrinkles with hydration, noticeably plumping and smoothing even deep-set and stubborn lines upon contact. Elasticity-boosting hexapeptide helps to improve elasticity and bounce, plus plant-derived squalane to lock in moisture levels, prevent Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, and improve skin texture and quality.

We know that Hyaluronic Acid fillers work to plump out tissue atrophies from within, providing volume below the wrinkle and smoothing out its appearance on the surface. This extremely potent formula, with added peptides, works in much the same way. It can be applied as a spot treatment to the forehead, glabella (between the brows), crow’s feet and along the orbital bone, nasolabial folds (sides of the mouth) and philtrum (above the cupid’s bow). Murad reports that 100% of trial candidates showed visible improvement in glabella wrinkles instantly when applied correctly (once per day using tapping motions) and longer-term results after 4 weeks.

Targeted Wrinkle Corrector is the absolute ideal solution for those wanting to address their wrinkles through a skincare-only approach before moving onto clinical treatments or injectables. Thanks to its nourishing, skin-boosting ingredients, it can also be used alongside dermal fillers to maintain and improve patient results. Ensuring skin is kept deeply-hydrated, that elasticity is improved, and that water molecules are further encouraged to the filler region will not only assist in preventing its degradation, but that skin quality in the region is in pique condition. Your patient results will never look better!

And there’s something for your holistic clients too. The tapping motion required to properly apply Targeted Wrinkle Corrector beautifully lends itself to any wellness facial routine, from lymphatic drainage to pressure points. Instruct these clients on how to incorporate tapping or lymphatic drainage pathways at home, and they can turn this powerful wrinkle defyer into a blissful self-care ritual each morning and night. 

Visit for more information, or click here to find more on Murad’s potent ingredients, application methods, and clinical trial results.


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