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What To Look For In A Hair Removal Device

It isn’t just skincare that we are spoiled for choice by. The Australian beauty and aesthetics market is equally brimming with lasers, IPLs and other energy-based devices for a huge range of needs and indications. And while these needs may be somewhat determined by your unique clientele, selecting the appropriate device for your business can still be very difficult. 

 As always, client safety should be your first and foremost priority. Following this, there are several considerations and must-haves that you may want to consider adding to your device requirement checklist. We have created this as a bit of a toolkit for clinics and salons to utilise when searching for a new hair removal device.  


Do not be led by cost. We understand the need to do right financially by your business, but serious outcomes and injuries can occur as a result of energy-based devices. Never compromise on device quality in order to save financially - it will only cost you in the long term, from loss of business to legal fees. 

Market Leaders 

If you’re wanting a device that really truly provides incredible results, look to leading businesses. There is a reason that you can find a select handful of device distributors among the top cosmetic physicians and skin clinics - because they show results. Do your market research to discover these for yourself, reach out to a few businesses and practitioners and ask them why they love their device. Most are happy to share their personal experiences. After all - we are all here to learn and grow together! 


How many wavelengths does the device utilise? Ie., how many different indications and skin types can you service? Are you overpaying by opting for a device that encompasses wavelengths you don’t need? Or the inverse: could you benefit from upgrading to a device that can do more than just the one you initially considered?  

Spot Size 

How many spot sizes does the device offer on its handpieces? Consider how you will be using the device, how many times you will be performing the treatment/s per day, and how the spot size/s will impact this. A small spot size used over a large area will of course take longer than a larger spot size used over the same area. By opting for a device with larger spot sizes available, you may be cutting your treatment times down significantly. 

Pulse Duration 

Always compare pulse durations between devices. Having the ability to perform shorter pulse durations may give you more freedom with the hair types you’re aiming to tackle. Also consider the repetition rate, as the speed at which these pulses are delivered can reduce appointment times and improve patient outcomes. 


What type of cooling mechanism does your prospective hair removal device offer? A great cooling system will improve comfort for your clients considerably. 

Candela’s Gentle Max Pro Plus is the latest in their Gentle Pro Series, whose renown among industry leaders speaks for itself. It offers both 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths, providing much more than just hair removal. It offers short 2 ms pulse durations for new, finer hair treatment capabilities, and faster than ever pulse delivery times. Spot sizes range from  1.5 - 26mm for faster and more tailored treatments. It also utilises a clever Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™) cooling system, which is 50% more effective than air or contact cooling, for improved client comfort and safety. 

Candela’s devices are used and trusted by over 30,000 practitioners worldwide. Over 10 million treatments are performed annually with a Candela device and there is over 700 published clinical papers on the Candela device portfolio. Treatments and indications include Hair removal, Tattoo removal, Skin rejuvenation, Benign Pigmentation Treatments, Vascular Treatments, Body contouring, Cellulite reduction, Active acne and Scar revision, Ablative skin rejuvenation, Female rejuvenation, Skin Laxity and Submental fat reduction. Contact the team for more information. 


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