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Victorian Covid Update

Dear Members,

In a Victorian press release on the 27th May it was announced that hair and beauty businesses will be required to go into Covid lockdown.

You can call 1800 MYABIC (1800 692 242) to speak with one of our facilitators regarding how this could impact you and your business.

However, we have some important information and details here for you.

Official restrictions are updated on the Department of Health website and are released in due course.

Useful downloadable documents attached to this article are:


The general Victorian restrictions are:

Victoria will be in lockdown from 11.59pm on Thursday 27th May to 11.59pm on Thursday 3rd June.

Beauty Services are included in this lockdown.

There is a 5 KM radius travel restriction in place from your home.

There are 5 reasons to leave your home:

  1. Shopping for necessary goods & services
  2. Authorised work or permitted education
  3. Exercise with a two hour limit, with one other person
  4. Caregiving for compassionate and medical reasons
  5. To get vaccinated


As an aesthetic and beauty business how will this affect me and my employees?

When a business is required to close due to a government direction (e.g. a lockdown), the business will likely be able to utilise the stand-down provisions under the Fair Work Act (FWA).

You and your employees will not be permitted to come to work or attend the premises to undertake any duties, unless your business is considered an essential service, authorised for work, or is an approved education facility. Beauty and aesthetic businesses do not fall under these categories, therefore they are subject to the full restrictions and conditions of the lock down.


Do I need to stand down my staff without pay?

When a permanent employee is stood-down under the FWA, this period is unpaid.

However, unlike a period of unpaid leave, permanent employees will continue to accrue their entitlements based on their contracted hours.

Employees may elect to use their annual leave or long service leave during this period. However, they are unable to access their personal/carer's leave or compassionate leave during a stand-down.

More information relating to the stand-down provisions can be found here.

If you wish to pay your staff throughout the lockdown, or come to an alternative arrangement then that remains an internal business decision for you to discuss with your staff. Should you need advice on any proposed alteration to the employees pay you will need to obtain advice from our HR specialists.

Before issuing any relevant correspondence, we would recommend consulting with the employees regarding the stand-down.

You can advise the employees that as a result of the government's restrictions, the business will be required to close. During this time, the permanent employees will be stood-down without pay, however, they can request to use their Annual Leave or Long Service Leave during this time.

You can also outline that you will be in touch with any updates on the lockdown where possible and when they will be required to return back to work.

Am I required to give my employees official correspondence regarding their stand down?

Yes, you should first consult with your staff in person to advise them of the upcoming conditions of restrictions and lockdown.

You can then advise them regarding their entitlements under the stand-down provision, Link here.

You will then need to provide each employee with individual letters.

  1.  A stand down of employment due to coronavirus letter.
  1.  Provide them with written updates throughout the lockdown period should changes     occur.
  1.  A letter to end the stand-down period.

If you are an ABIC clinic member, then we can provide these letters to you upon consultation with our HR team, along with detailed advice regarding your personal business situation, and consultation on alternate scenarios for your business throughout the stand-down period.

Can I visit my clinic myself to perform admin duties if I work alone?

No, the five kilometre radius is in place and there are five reasons to leave your home outlined above.

Will I have any financial assistance throughout this lockdown period from the government or the ATO?

Announcements have been made today regarding possible financial provisions, however official details have not been released.

These will become available in due course, and we will publish them as we receive them, so stay connected through our social channels, and on our website

Our facilitators, and HR specialists are available from 9.00am to 5.00pm to give you advice, and consultation on your specific requirements, and we are able to provide you with all of the correspondence, information, and legislation surrounding Covid and the lockdown restrictions.

Stay safe and vigilant Victoria, we are with you.



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