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Successful communication and using 'words that work'

As the owner of a business in the aesthetics and beauty world, you communicate with clients and your team members in many different ways, each and every day of the week. You learn to ask good questions and gather good information to provide amazing service and get results for every client. Good communication is the basis of your client and team relationships.

Communication is a learned skill that can be refined to be a great strategy to get others to listen and engage with you.

Good communication is recognized as:

  • 7% what you say
  • 38% how you say it
  • 55% how you make people feel

The results that you achieve must have a focus on, not only the message you deliver, but need to also be about how you make people feel.

I have some favorite words to share and some words to avoid to help you to get results through stronger communication.

“Thank you” is gold. Look for as many ways as possible to say this every day. Look for the opportunities that are big and small

5 words that convert from a conversation into a client saying “yes”

“This is what I recommend.”

“I“ is essential as it now becomes a personal recommendation from YOU

When talking to your team always use “we” not “I”

When you have kept a client waiting do not say, “I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.” Replace this with “Thank you for your patience.”

Lose the word “just”. It undervalues when added to sentences such as “I am just going to put a pillow under your feet to make you more comfortable.”

If you need to make an excuse you have probably already made a mistake



A good leader coaches, a boss drives.

A good leader inspires enthusiasm, a boss inspires fear.

A good leader leads by doing what needs to be done, a boss sets the tasks

A good leader says “let’s go”, a boss says “go do it”.

A good leader makes work fun, a boss makes it drudgery.

Written by Faye Murray

Faye is a Business Coach specialising in the hair and beauty industries for over 15 years. Faye has been the General Manager of a large hairdressing salon group employing 300 staff as well as General Manager of one of Queensland’s largest registered training organisations and responsible for 200 apprentices every year. Inducted into the Hairdressing Hall of Fame in 2011 then into the Beauty Hall of Fame in 2019, Faye is Head of Assessment of the AHC and has been a board member of the Australian Hairdressing Council for the first ten years of its inception.

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