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Still Searching For The Right Australian-Made Cosmeceutical?

One topic we see constantly asked about throughout industry time and time again is quality, Australian-made cosmeceutical skincare. For those who still haven’t found the right fit for them yet, we have a question for you - have you discovered Ultraderm yet? If the answer is no, read on to find out some of the brand’s key elements.

Backed By Research

Introduced to the Australian market by Pauline Valle in 2009, Ultraderm is considered a leader in Australian bioactive clinical skincare, and can be found in over 300 clinics nationwide. Ultraderm is committed to formulating using evidence-based ingredients that are shown to create positive change within the skin, and all products are regularly evaluated to ensure their ingredients and outcomes include the latest up-to-date research and innovation.

Ultraderm is truly committed to only using proven ingredients that are beneficial in making a positive improvement to skin, including medical-grade ingredients to give proven results for targeted skin problems. The range offers products for both professional and retail, that have been created using the latest cosmeceutical technology. The retail line offers homecare that promises your clients healthy, youthful-looking skin - the perfect accompaniment alongside the expertise and advanced professional treatments provided in-clinic.


The extensive Ultraderm range offers all of the advanced actives you could want on your clinic shelves. From A, B & C through to hydrators and stem cells, there is something for every skin. There are also plenty of options for severely stressed or compromised skins - an absolute essential for any range so that we may continue to combat the rising cases of impaired barriers and inflammatory conditions.

Makeup For Skin Health

If you’re also looking for a cosmeceutical range that can simultaneously provide skin-boosting makeup, this is another box Ultraderm can tick. Clients are more frequently noticing that it makes little sense to undo all of their good work on their skin via their makeup. That’s why Ultraderm brings its salon partners Advanced Mineral Makeup. With a complete range of cosmetics for face, eyes, lips and cheeks, all contain anti-inflammatory, non-irritating, skin-beneficial ingredients that work with skin concerns such as acne and compromised skins. All are free of parabens, fragrances, talc, mineral oil, and dyes. 

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