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The Secret to Success? Know Your Numbers!

The saying that numbers don’t lie is never truer when it comes to assessing the current state of your business. Whether it is your clinic or salon, knowing your numbers can genuinely set you free. In fact, understanding the numbers in your business can be the difference between you experiencing a journey that is challenging but fun, or just plain challenging!

To have a firm grasp on the real, up to the minute numbers in your business can provide you with 100% clarity on how your business is currently performing. According to Andy Heyne from the Millionaire Salon Coach you can literally look at the numbers alone and nothing else – to know instantly if your team is performing at their peak, or if something is lacking.

“I hear so often from clients and in general conversation that; ‘I am worried about the longevity of my business’. Sadly, sometimes clients even express that they are not sure if they can carry on any longer. And it doesn’t have to be like this.”

“I also often hear ‘I don't understand, I have put in the hard work for years and I seem to be getting nowhere’. And the list goes on! My reply is always the same. Explain to me your numbers, do you know what your numbers are? The answer 90 per cent of the time, is NO.”

“To be honest, like a lot of people, I never really understood numbers, actually. In fact, I even HATED numbers for years,” Andy Heyne says. “But I was so sick of struggling and trying to make ends meet, living pay check to pay check. I consistently, as many of you may relate to, found myself stressed and checking my bank account three to four times a day!”

“I was constantly in a state of stress because, like a lot of people, I was working hard; up to 80-100 hour a week. Yet the money always seemed to disappear, or I never had control over it. Here is a quote that I love; money is like a relationship, if you neglect it for long enough it will disappear.”

“Money is merely an object,” explains Andy Heyne. “It actually has no real value; except the value we give it. The value we give it then becomes an energy. And the energy starts to create our existence and that can be a positive existence if you are positive and confident around your numbers.”

“What you need to measure, what you need to make, what your expenses are and how

you are going to increase your revenue, how you intend to buy or build your dream home, when you can afford to buy those red bottom heels etc! You will have a positive experience with money, as you are focused on controlling it, rather than money controlling you!”

“Here are some statistics that will shock you. Did you know that 86% of Aussies have no idea what they spend each month? That is crazy. If you have no idea what you spend how will you ever know what you need to make or even what you need to retire on and live your

best life?”

“Another staggering statistic is 10% of households in Australia control more than 45% of Australia’s wealth! Considering there is an estimated 10 million households in Australia, that means that 2.4 million Aussies* have no savings to fall back on that’s around 10% of the total population!”

These stats are alarming, it goes to show how many people have no idea about their money. It is scary enough if you work for someone, but it can be even scarier if you employ people, or run a business that supports your family,” explains Andy Heyne.

5 Ways to Understand Your Numbers

  • Know what numbers you need to measure (KPI's). Some of these can include your re-booking rate (ideally a minimum of 75%). The other important numbers include the average spend per client, that should be a minimum of $160 and team care factor retail rate and service upgrades (ideally a minimum of 62%).
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, annual expenses. I have a cash-flow tracker you can download for free that automatically does this for you, it also comes with a video, so it eliminates confusion on what data to enter. Click the link here to access your copy.
  • Project your monthly revenue - This will challenge you to expand your thinking and find ways you increase your revenue, such as increase your retail game and service upgrades, and increase frequency of client visits.
  • Talk to your accountant and ask; what do I need to look at, so I know the health of my business?
  • Become more financially literate - Educate yourself, read books, find a COACH, listen to podcasts, expand your network, immerse yourself in content and surround yourself with successful people.

“By no means am I suggesting this is an easy task, but it isn't that difficult either,” explains Andy Heyne. “I can promise you and guarantee you that once you start to delve into and really understand your numbers, you will notice and experience a shift that happens, a positive impact, a weight lifted and a sense of enlightenment.”

To help you gain control over your numbers, a link is provided where you can download a free fully automated Cash Flow Tracker plus a tutorial video. If you have any further questions or you find you are ready to make the change in your business and your life around Numbers, you can contact Andy Heyne directly on 0425 569655 or you can book a call via:


2.4 Million Aussies have no savings to fall back on, that's around 10% of the total population


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