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Scientific Integrity, Standards and Quality Control. Why it Matters

These days, every second celebrity is launching a brand, as well as large numbers of people who have a beauty, wellness or aesthetic medical industry connection. Even influencers and tech entrepreneurs are getting in on the act.

The barrier to entry for launching a skincare brand is incredibly low. Anyone can research skincare ingredients or do a short cosmetic chemistry course, try to duplicate existing products or launch white label (contract manufactured) products. But have these products undergone rigorous testing (not just the individual ingredients used) to prove product efficacy? Were they manufactured under CGMP certification?

These things matter. Why? Because it helps to ensure the product you are investing in does what it says it does, contains what it says it contains and helps you to achieve real results.

What is scientific integrity?

We have all heard the term integrity as it applies to a person. According to the Oxford dictionary, Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. But how is integrity defined with regard to science and research and why does it matter?

Scientific integrity is “the condition that occurs when persons… adhere to accepted standards, professional values, and practices of the relevant scientific community… Adherence to these standards ensures objectivity, clarity, and reproducibility, and utility of scientific and scholarly activities and assessments and helps prevent bias, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, outside interference, censorship and inadequate procedural and information security…” (Nek and Eisenstadt 2016, p. 11)

Managing Director at JMSR Australia, Vivien Gardiner, says: “Over the past 22 years of our partnership with Jan Marini Skin Research, we’ve become increasingly aware that their standards of scientific integrity is key to the exceptional results with Jan Marini products. Skin doesn’t just look healthier, it feels healthier too.

These standards are not just in formulation and production, but in the scientific research they carry out, the relationships with medical research institutes they develop and the proprietary and patented solutions they have invented, many of which are now industry standards.

Ingredient VS Formulation testing

Every skincare product has its own proprietary formulation that is made up of several ingredients. Ingredients are purchased from raw material manufacturers around the world and these will typically have product detail sheets that have some high level information and at times, some clinical information. Testing on an individual ingredient alone differs greatly from testing a formulation. When testing a formulation you are not only testing the individual ingredients, you are getting a view of how these ingredients interact with each other and whether they are effective in combination with other elements.

If we use the example of baking a cake, the outcome will be incredibly different depending on the quality of ingredients used, the amount of each ingredient used and when is the appropriate stage to add an ingredient. Anyone can have a go at throwing a bunch of ingredients together to make a cake (or a skincare product), but there is a science to it that determines the results. Even the best bakers will make an average cake if the ingredient quality is poor, or the order in which they are combined is not best practice.

Not only do JMSR perform rigorous clinical testing on all skincare products, they also have several independent, peer-reviewed papers published in medical journals on finished products. Other independent clinical trials have been delivered “at podium” of scientific and medical conferences.

What is CGMP?

CGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CGMP certification is more onerous and scientifically-focused than ISO certification. According to the FDA website “CGMP provides for systems and practices that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. When a company adheres to these regulations it assures the strength, quality, and purity of products”.

These regulations are incredibly important, particularly when it comes to the manufacture of OTC (over the counter) and pharmaceutical products. As you can imagine, regulations are essential in ensuring the safety and efficacy of all products being manufactured. Cosmetics and skincare shouldn’t be any different.

To ensure product quality and efficacy, all JMSR products are manufactured in the US at a CGMP facility that is fully CGMP certified. This is the highest standard of certification possible for skincare products and is equivalent to pharmaceutical manufacture. FDA oversight means each product has complete scientific integrity, ingredients are manufactured under license for Jan Marini or sourced from similarly qualified laboratories, and each product batch undergoes stringent stability and microbial testing at manufacture and up to declared shelf-life.

The JMSR difference

JMSR is celebrating their 30 year anniversary in 2024. That’s 30 years of experience, customer feedback, product testing and results. The founder, Jan Marini, and Chief Scientist and researchers at JMSR are pioneers in the cosmeceutical and medical skin care industry. Together they boast a number of patents as well as published, peer reviewed data on JSMR skincare products.

We pride ourselves on 30 years of dedication to scientific integrity, innovation and delivering quality products with proven efficacy. Have you experienced the JMSR difference? 

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