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A recovery and firming concentrate leading the way in innovation

PRO restore recovery + firming concentrate

• Reduce downtime • Improve skin recovery • Amplify results Post-Microneedling treatment

Pro Restore is an industry-first professional serum designed to work with advanced skin treatments. This concentrate strengthens and repairs the skin’s barrier, accelerates wound healing, aids in post-procedure skin recovery and helps to increase the appearance of firmness and brightness skin. PRO restore is recommended for all skin conditions undergoing advanced services such as Microneedling, RF Microneedling, Fibroblast Skin Tightening, lasers and chemical peels.

The skin’s moisture barrier defends the body against environmental threats while simultaneously protecting skin’s critical water balance. It’s made up of corneocytes, which are skin cells with keratin and natural moisturizers held together by lipids that contain ceramides and fatty acids. When this barrier is compromised, either by genetics or exposome-related factors like UV exposure or over-exfoliation, irritants can enter the skin and essential water needed for hydration, can escape – leaving skin red, uncomfortable, and vulnerable.
When performing an advanced treatment that leverages the skin’s wound healing process, it’s best practice to start with a skin that has a healthy barrier so you’re not causing uncontrolled inflammation and overloading the skin’s healing system. In other words: the skin needs to be strong to efficiently work on healing the micro-injuries created with advanced treatments, this can be achieved with both a comprehensive pre-treatment and post-treatment care and these play a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes and results. Active ingredients can optimize the results of micro-injury treatments, and this is why pro restore was formulated.

PRO restore is one product with multiple benefits and contains a complex of active ingredients to work with micro-injury skin treatments. These ingredients work in three stages:

1. Strengthen: Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) improves hydration and helps to decrease skin damage while Mushroom Extract helps to soothe skin and decrease pain sensation by actively blocking pain receptors in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps hydrate the skin to maintain barrier integrity both pre, during and post-procedure.

2. Restore: Omega-3 from Algae helps to keep the inflammation under control enabling a quicker healing process, this helps to calm the skin to address post-treatment redness and irritation. Bacillus Ferment helps balance and maintain diversity within the skin’s microbiome. Beta Glucan forms a protective film that prevents skin from dehydration and helps skin to restore back to normal and enables quicker migration of the keratinocyte to the area for faster wound closure.

3. Amplify: Oligopeptide-1 is a plant derived Epidermal Growth Factor that triggers collagen and elastin production leading to a visibly improved skin texture and resilience. Phospholipids from Olive Stem Cells stimulate mitochondria to increase cellular energy that helps to improve vitality for visibly firm and smooth skin. Niacinamide helps fade the appearance of dark spots for a more even skin tone by inhibiting the transfer of melanin pigment into the skin cells.

PRO restore is a product of industry firsts:-

First product designed to strengthen, restore, and amplify advanced treatments..

First product to address the wound healing process from microinjury skin treatments such as microneedling, fibroblast skin tightening and RF microneedling.

First product used in the treatment room and at-home for optimal recovery.

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