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Introducing OBSERV 320: Transformative, technology enhanced skin analysis for every clinic

Technology enhanced skin analysis is one of the most powerful tools that skin professionals have available to engage clients in their skin health journey. With the launch of the new streamlined OBSERV 320 device, transformational consultations that illustrate skin concerns to maximise client investment in skin care and treatments are now more affordable than ever. 

Available exclusively from The Global Beauty Group, the new OBSERV 320 by Sylton is the latest in the family of OBSERV diagnostic devices and offers a simplified version of the award-winning OBSERV 520x skin analysis technology. 

OBSERV 320 is a skincare machine designed to support skin professionals easily identify common skin concerns with 5 detailed skin scanner analysis modes: Daylight, Texture, Pigmentation, Redness and Firmness. Viewed in the interactive OBSERV app, facial skin analysis and comparison modes help clinicians to better understand skin concerns for effective and result-oriented treatment planning. Skin professionals can then customise their OBSERV 320 skin health report to incorporate recommended skin care and treatment plans, send reports direct to the client and track client results over time. 

OBSERV 320 supports aesthetic business to grow with:

  • Engaged clients who are educated about and invested in the future of their skin

  • Increased skin care sales and treatment bookings 

  • Strengthened client trust, retention and loyalty 

  • Rapid, time effective consultations with images taken in as little as 4 seconds

  • 5 modes of engaging, interactive skin analysis that illustrate common skin concerns

  • Visual displays of treatment progress with easy-to-understand side by side comparisons

  • Easy to use, interactive software that provides highly accurate diagnostic imagery

  • Built in client profiles that store images, consultation notes and help track results over time

  • Sylton Safe Cloud Technology for secure client data accessible from multiple devices

  • Skin health recommendation reports that can be easily printed, emailed or texted to clients

  • Affordable, effective technology enhanced skin analysis available from $92 per week

Technology enhanced skin analysis with a skin imaging device such as the OBSERV 320 empowers clinicians to confidently conduct consultations that increase client loyalty, treatment and skin care revenue plus optimise skin health outcomes. 

For more information on technology enhanced skin analysis with OBSERV 320 call wholesale salon supplier The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607, or visit


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