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PRESS RELEASE: ABIC brings the Beaute Industrie community into its fold

The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) is thrilled to announce that it will be the new custodians of the renowned networking platform, Beaute Industrie, following a virtual launch event last night for industry members and stakeholders.

The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) is a not-for-profit association created to represent and unite beauty and aesthetics as one powerfully strong voice to government, to advocate for benchmark standards, self-regulation, and to support the advancement of industry at every level. ABIC has already made significant strides, with major milestones including the successful overturning of several government mandates during the pandemic that were resulting in severe consequences for the industry - such as the mandatory wearing of masks preventing facial services.

As of yesterday, ABIC has taken another step forward by bringing the Beaute Industrie community and platforms into its fold, expanding its team and reaching significant new industry audiences. Founded in 2017 by National Educator, Business Development Manager and Founding Director, Tamara Reid, Beaute Industrie began as a small private Facebook group designed to provide a platform for business owners to connect and share their experiences. In a vastly competitive industry, a safe, supportive and encouraging space for business owners to connect and exchange questions or advice did not exist at the time. It was therefore warmly received by business owners seeking support, and the group continued to expand rapidly.

Since then, Beaute Industrie has grown exponentially to become the beauty and aesthetic industry’s largest and most prevalent community. Its dedicated channels include networking events throughout Australia, a blog, podcast, and social channels, where business owners, therapists and brands can all connect. Its original Facebook group remains at the heart of the community, where it has become known by thousands of members as the central location for questions on every industry topic imaginable. 

As the Beaute community grew, so too did the number of questions and posts from members of industry. Thanks to the pandemic, enquiries relating to HR, staffing, government payments, dismissals, rental agreements, finances, and mandates affecting our sectors also skyrocketed. And so, it was decided that the Beaute Industrie community may benefit further from partnering with an organisation designed to provide expert support in these difficult areas.

Beaute Industrie founder, Tamara Reid, is excited to have found the perfect home for the Beaute community within ABIC, who share the same core values of connection and progression for the beauty, spa and aesthetics sectors. "The evolution of our industry has grown to be larger than what one person can provide,” says Tamara. “A central voice, a source of truth for industry and a voice directly to changemakers are just a snippet of what is needed to elevate our industry further and is exactly what the Beaute Industrie x ABIC fusion will deliver. It excites me to know that the voices of the Beaute community will finally be listened to, platformed and help mould the progression. They are the future and with ABIC, we can make this happen."

Tamara says that ABIC was the obvious choice as Beaute Industrie’s new custodian, thanks to ABIC’s unparalleled dedication to industry betterment, pioneering founding members, and incredible achievements in raising government awareness. "When the consideration to move on from Beaute Industrie arose, it was a non-negotiable that whoever stepped into this role would share the same innate passion for our industry, my community and BeautePartners.

Beaute has always been about collaboration over competition so the opportunity to align with ABIC felt like the ideal match."

ABIC CEO Stefanie Milla says, “ABIC is truly excited to be able to provide the Beaute community with an enhanced level of support and the benefit of superb resources including the unmatched experience and knowledge of its many industry leaders and Council Members. ABIC’s mission and promise to the industry at our launch, just six short months ago, was to build the most supported community and establish the strongest representative voice for the entire aesthetic industry. 

Bringing the Beaute community into the ABIC fold is one of the many steps we are taking to fulfil this promise to the industry. We are fusing the connection, communication and offering of Beaute into ABIC’s powerful industry representation and framework, to deliver a singular exceptional platform that will nurture, shape and advance the future of beauty and aesthetic professionals.”

Through ABIC, along with her fellow Council Members, Tamara will continue to play a strong part in leading the Beaute community. ABIC will continue to facilitate Beaute Industrie’s popular platforms as education and support channels including blog, podcast, and social channels, driven by Beaute Industrie’s original core philosophies: Connection, Conversation, Community and Culture.

For more information, visit - For enquiries, or interviews contact Stefanie Milla via [email protected]


ABIC PRESS RELEASE_31 January 2022

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