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Member Update with Gayle Dube #8

Are you ready for the Festive Season?

The holiday season marks one of the busiest and most lucrative periods of the year in our industry. Clients are eagerly seeking the perfect treatments for their holiday parties and family gatherings, so it is imperative for us, as industry professionals, to be prepared to cater to the holiday rush. In this blog, we will explore some of the ways to get you festive-ready.

Stock Up: Evaluate your inventory and order products in advance. Anticipate the demand for popular treatments and skincare products. Create attractive holiday packages and promotions to attract your clients, making their holiday experience extra special.

Decorate your space: Transform your clinic into a winter wonderland. Incorporate festive touches without overwhelming the ambience. Consider elegant, subtle fairy lights, and a tasteful holiday tree. Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere enhances the holiday spirit and makes clients feel welcome.

Train Your Team: Ensure your staff are familiar with promotional treatments and packages. Conduct training sessions to refresh their skills and introduce any new services. Knowledgeable and confident employees provide exceptional service, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Be social media Savvy: Use social media to showcase your holiday offerings. Engaging posts, festive visuals, and client testimonials can create buzz and attract new customers. Encourage clients to share their holiday makeovers, generating authentic content that promotes your clinic.

Plan Ahead for Appointments: The holiday season often means a surge in appointments. Implement an efficient booking system that accommodates increased demand. Consider extending your clinic hours, or employing temporary staff.

Spread the Cheer with Specials: Offer exclusive holiday promotions, such as discounted treatments, complimentary add-ons, or loyalty rewards. These incentives not only attract new clients but also encourage repeat business, enhancing your clinic’s reputation and revenue.

Express Gratitude to Your Staff: Your dedicated team plays a pivotal role in your clinic's success. Show your appreciation by organising a staff Christmas party. Plan well in advance, considering venues, themes, catering, and entertainment. Acknowledge their hard work and commitment, fostering a positive work environment and team camaraderie.

Encourage Self-Care: The Christmas season can be very stressful, so remind your clients and staff about the importance of self-care. Offer stress-relief treatments or wellness packages. Encourage your employees to take breaks and unwind, ensuring they stay energised and motivated during the busy season.

Prepare for the New Year: As the holiday season winds down, strategize for the upcoming year. Evaluate performance during the holidays, identifying successes and areas for improvement. Plan promotions for January to retain holiday clients and attract new ones, ensuring a steady flow of business in the new year.

Spread Joy and Gratitude: Show genuine gratitude to your clients for their loyalty and trust. A simple holiday card or a personalised thank-you note can make a lasting impression. Your sincerity will be remembered long after the decorations are put away.


Written by Gayle 
ABIC Facilitation Manager


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