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Is Your Business Winter-Ready? With only five days until winter, have you implemented your seasonal strategies? The colder months bring a shift in customer behaviour and preferences, requiring salons and clinics to adapt to these changes. Here’s how you can ensure your business is winter-ready.

Winter in Australia typically is between June 1st to 31st August and sees a change in skincare routines and services. Clients often seek treatments that address winter-specific concerns such as dry skin, lacklustre complexion, and the desire for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are some common trends and demands during the winter months:

1. Hydration and Repair Treatments: The cold weather and indoor heating can dehydrate skin, making hydrating facials, moisturizing treatments, and repairing skin therapies more popular.

2. Body Treatments: With more layers of clothing, clients may opt for body treatments that they might avoid during summer. Think of body wraps, exfoliation, and cellulite treatments.

3. Laser and Light-Based Therapies: Winter is an ideal time for laser treatments as clients are less exposed to the sun, reducing the risk of post-treatment pigmentation issues.

4. Hair Removal Services: Many clients prefer to get laser hair removal in winter to be ready for the summer season.

5. Relaxation and Wellness: Spa-like treatments that offer warmth and relaxation, such as hot stone massages and sauna sessions, can be particularly appealing.

Promote Seasonal Treatments

Create special packages that combine popular winter treatments like hydrating facials and body scrubs. Offer discounts or added value to entice clients.

Laser and IPL Promotions: Highlight the benefits of undergoing laser treatments during winter and offer promotions to encourage bookings.


Retail Winter-Specific Products

Stock up on and promote skincare products that cater to winter needs, such as rich moisturizers, hydrating serums, and lip balms.

Bundle products with treatments for added convenience and value.


Host Winter-Themed Events

Organise events or workshops focusing on winter skincare routines, makeup tips, or wellness practices.

Offer mini-treatments or product samples to attendees, encouraging them to book full treatments.


Update Your Marketing Campaigns

Tailor your social media content, newsletters, and in-store promotions to highlight winter-specific services and products.

Share before-and-after photos, client testimonials, and expert tips to educate and attract clients.


Enhance Client Comfort:

Ensure your salon or clinic is a warm and inviting refuge from the cold. Offer warm beverages, cozy blankets, and a comforting atmosphere.

Pay attention to details like heated treatment beds and warm towels to enhance the client experience.

Consider the following steps to prepare for the winter season:

Review and Restock Inventory: Ensure you have enough stock of winter-specific products and popular treatments.

Train Your Staff: Provide training on new winter treatments and products so your team can confidently recommend and perform these services.

Update Your Website and Booking System: Make sure your online presence reflects your winter offerings and makes it easy for clients to book treatments.

Monitor Trends and Feedback: Keep an eye on industry trends and client feedback to adapt your offerings and stay ahead of the competition.

By understanding seasonal trends, promoting relevant treatments, and creating a cozy and welcoming environment, you can ensure your business thrives even during the colder months. Stay proactive, innovative, and client-focused

Written by Gayle 
ABIC Facilitation Manager


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