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Member Update with Gayle Dube #2

The Rise of Ingestible Beauty in The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry

One of the perks of my role is the opportunity to be part of discussions with our members about our industry. One particular conversation that stood out to me was about the emerging trend of incorporating ingestible products into beauty services. In my 14 years of industry experience, I have seen various trends come and go, but the rise of "ingestible beauty" has captured my attention.

Ingestible beauty is not a new concept; it has been used in ancient cultures for centuries. The concept revolves around using edible ingredients in beauty treatments to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Collagen elixirs, powders, and teas are among the most popular ingestible beauty ingredients as they nourish the skin from within.

A common question that frequently arises is how to integrate these new services or added extras into existing beauty services. The truth is, it is not as challenging as it may initially seem. Sometimes, as humans, we tend to over complicate simple things. Incorporating edible services into a business can be as simple as offering clients a cup of tea before their treatment, promoting relaxation and leading to better outcomes. We all know that stressed skin tends to age faster. 

Another approach could involve providing collagen drinks or superfood smoothies to clients before collagen-inducing treatments. This not only reinforces the concept of holistic skincare but also emphasizes that beautiful skin starts from the inside out.

While the incorporation of ingestible beauty into treatment services is an evolving trend that may not be suitable for every business, it has gained significant traction. As the trend continues to evolve and grow in popularity, we can anticipate advancements in edible products used within the aesthetic and beauty industry. As an ABIC facilitator, I am excited to explore and discuss these emerging trends with professionals in the field. By staying informed and embracing new ideas, we can collectively contribute to the growth and innovation of the beauty industry.

Facilitator Observation

In light of the upcoming minimum wage increase announcement set for July 1st, our members have been wondering how this will affect our industry. Our members are eager to understand the potential impact on the current award. The minimum wage that was announced represents a general percentage increase, we are still awaiting clear indications regarding any specific changes to our industry and the corresponding pay rates. It's a topic of great importance to us, and we're eagerly awaiting further updates to better grasp how these changes will affect us directly.

Resources Updates

We have recently made updates to the below documents and resources. If you already utilise these resources in your business, we highly recommend that you download the latest version from our resource library to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. Our HR Advisory team has reviewed and updated these resources to ensure they continue to meet industry standards and address the latest changes in regulations. We believe that these updates will help you better navigate the challenges of running your business in today's rapidly changing environment. 

As always, we encourage members to seek advice to ensure these are utilised correctly and to mitigate any further risks. Please see below recently updated resources:

  • Appraisal Guidelines 
  • Employment Contract List 
  • Grievance Handling Policy 
  • New Team Member Induction 
  • Record of Verbal Warning 
  • Record of Employee Details 
  • Telephone, Mobile, Email & Internet Policy 
  • Reference Check Template Tool 
  • Warning Letter (Misconduct) 
  • Warning Letter (Performance Improvement)

Written by Gayle 
ABIC Facilitation Manager


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