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Member Update with Gayle Dube #12

December is one of the busiest periods in our industry, and it serves as an opportunity to contemplate the achievements of the past year and gear up for the approaching one. Strategic planning is key for a seamless transition into the new year. Let us explore the key strategies to plan and implement, ensuring readiness for the new year.

Reflect: Take some time to evaluate the past year. Analyse the clinic's achievements, areas for improvement, and feedback from both clients and staff. Understanding what worked well and what did not will guide your decisions for the new year.

Review Your Services: Assess the current service menu, are there treatments that were particularly popular or ones that didn't gain much traction? Consider introducing new services based on trends or client requests.

Evaluate Pricing Structure: Review pricing strategy, factors such as the cost of supplies, competitor pricing and break even. To ensure your pricing remains competitive make adjustments while reflecting the quality of your services. Consider introducing promotions or package deals to attract new clients.

Technology and Equipment: Check the condition of equipment and technology. If any devices need maintenance or upgrades, schedule them before the new year starts. Investing in the latest technologies can enhance the quality of your services.

Staff Training and Development: Ensure everyone is up to date with the latest techniques and is trained adequately. Training sessions, workshops, or attending relevant conferences contribute significantly to increasing staff knowledge.

Enhance Customer Experience: Evaluate the overall customer experience. From the moment clients walk in, to post-treatment follow-ups, ensure every interaction is positive. Consider implementing new ways to enhance customer satisfaction, such as loyalty programs or as simple as improved waiting areas.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements are met such as local council registration and insurance policies are valid. Ensuring that policies and procedures are kept current and align with the latest regulatory standards.

Set Clear Goals: Finally, set clear and realistic goals for the upcoming year. Whether it is achieving a certain revenue target, expanding client base, or introducing new services. Having well-defined goals will guide your actions and measure your success.

ABIC is committed to supporting and guiding our community. If you require help updating your current policies and procedures, you can access our resource library by clicking here or reach out to me directly at [email protected].au 


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