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Have You Put Beauty Memberships In The 'Too-Hard Basket'?

Have you always wanted to create a type of client membership program for your salon, spa or clinic, but never followed through? Perhaps it’s a weekly facial service, unlimited LED sessions, discounted nails or lashes every fortnight, or a great price on hair appointments every 6 weeks. However, each time you go to implement this amazing new offering, the prospect of phone calls with your legal team, bank, and accountants makes it seem all too difficult. If this applies to you, we have some incredible news for you. It turns out there is a service that handles the entire process for you, from start to finish, that specialises in the hair and beauty sectors. They’re called Payleadr, a service provider that could have your beauty, hair or aesthetic memberships up and running within minutes. And you barely need to lift a finger!

When it comes to memberships, the benefits to your business are endless. First and foremost is the security of knowing how your cashflow is looking over the coming weeks to months. Unlike packages or gift vouchers, where a lump sum is spent upfront and you have no idea when the service will be redeemed, memberships offer the comfort of knowing exactly how much you will be receiving at a set frequency, whether the service is redeemed or not. No longer will you need to rely on staff asking “can we book your next appointment now?” in order to secure future spend! You’ll also be converting countless existing clients from ‘sometimes clients’ to ‘regulars’, as well as attracting an entirely new demographic of customers who are searching for a great value experience - all without having to run massive discount promotions that can have negative repercussions on your brand.

How It Works

If you’re like countless other business owners, you already know the exceptional revenue-driving opportunities that beauty memberships offer, but haven’t yet finalised your own system due to lack of time or resources. While gyms have been using their own dedicated direct-debit service providers for years, tailored options for the hair and beauty sectors have been far less accessible. Until now. Payleadr has carried out extensive market research in the hair, beauty, aesthetics and wellness sectors in order to understand the demands and nuances of our industries, and create a service that would make the memberships process truly simple. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • Sign your salon, spa or clinic up to Payleadr, with no lock in contracts or hidden fees
  • Upload your logo and enter the terms of your client membership/s
  • Add in your business bank details for client payments
  • Complete the Payleadr 30-minute training materials with your team
  • Start promoting your memberships through your custom link and QR code

Payleadr takes care of everything for you - no legal or accounting phone calls required. You will receive access to your own merchant portal, where you can review your sales and track key insights. Your clients will have their own customer portal experience where they can manage their membership and update their personal and payment details. For each client you sign up with a membership, you will simply be charged a small transaction fee that is roughly equivalent to an eftpos merchant fee. You also have the option to build this into your client membership fee if you wish to pass on this cost. You can even suspend memberships and payments for a period - an absolute asset while client cancellations rates due to COVID are still so high.

Payleadr are also dedicated to providing invaluable business advice, tips, and insights (based on your unique operations) that can help you reduce costs and increase your revenue even further, from switching your client billing dates to guiding you on the best types of memberships to suit you. All customer support is based in Australia so help is there when you need it, and if your clients need assistance with their membership, they liaise with Payleadr directly, saving you precious time.

If you wish to learn more about Payleadr’s services and whether it’s right for you, contact the team at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can download their dedicated beauty & hair industry toolkit here, which provides incredible insights, from how to structure your memberships, to understanding your clientele.

The last two years have created a huge amount of uncertainty for everyone in business.  To help spas and clinics reduce the cashflow uncertainty, attract new clients and increase their business valuation through direct debit membership programs, our Supplier Member Payleadr has released a free membership toolkit for beauty spas and clinics. This toolkit provides spas and clinics with everything they need to design and implement an effective membership program, to generate strong and predictable recurring revenue. 



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