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The Global Beauty Group are proud to introduce Thuzzle

The Global Beauty Group are proud to introduce Thuzzle: A complete all-in-one solution for medical-grade face and body rejuvenation that solves ‘the thermic puzzle’. 

Thuzzle is engineered and developed by Italian technology innovators GMV, leaders in the field of aesthetic and medical device equipment and known for providing advanced, certified and unique technologies to the market worldwide. Utilising 10 plus years of medical expertise, GMV developed and equipped Thuzzle with an advanced range of highly efficacious treatment applications, designed to provide practitioners with a competitive edge thanks to industry-first technology, backed by clinically-proven, long-lasting results.

Comprising 4 cutting-edge treatment applications, Thuzzle offers clinics progressive and forward-thinking technology in the form of highly effective, in-demand treatments, capable of delivering a range of services designed to target client’s most common face and body concerns with Skin Retraction and Neocollagenesis, Lipolysis Targeted Fat Reduction and Skin Resurfacing and Lifting treatments.

Thuzzle’s thermal energy technology allows clinicians to provide comfortable and safe medical-grade treatments to their clientele without the associated downtime of more invasive procedures. Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG ID# 385416) by the TGA, treatments with Thuzzle allow for minimally invasive yet highly effective results, providing practitioners with a competitive advantage thanks to high-revenue earning treatments and long-term solutions to some of the most common face and body concerns including:

  • Targeted medical-grade fat reduction
  • Toning, sculpting and shaping all areas of the body
  • Reduction and smoothing of cellulite
  • Skin tightening for the face, neck and body
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Volumising of lost dermal facial fat
  • Lifting sagging and loose skin on both face and body
  • Skin resurfacing and revitalisation
  • Overall skin tone and elasticity improvement


Skin Retraction and Neocollagenesis 

In an industry and pivotal first, Thuzzle utilises 4 Radio Frequency (RF) wavelengths of energy interlinked and controlled at 4 different depths, allowing for the most effective heat field possible to achieve superior face rejuvenation treatment results. By creating a controlled thermal injury, the body initiates its healing response, stimulating the production and formation of new collagen. Thuzzle’s radio frequency skin tightening results in the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, overall tightening of face and neck region, dermal volumizing, periorbital, perioral and neck lifting and overall targeting of the visible signs of aging to lift, smooth, tighten, and revitalise for a more youthful look to the skin.

Lipolysis and Localised Fat Reduction plus Vascularisation and Lipolysis

Thuzzle lipolysis treatments offer clinically-proven, highly effective results, giving providers the edge over competitors in the increasingly popular medical-grade fat reduction and body sculpting machine service market. While multiple handpieces allow for area-specific protocols and comprehensive all-in-one treatments that deliver tailored results to sculpt, contour, tighten, and shape - Thuzzle's industry-first 4 RF wavelengths of energy interlinked and controlled at 4 different depths work on the dermal layer to provide skin tightening whilst lipolysis is taking place, thus achieving optimal results in less time.

Thuzzle offers two separate applications for versatile and effective fat reduction and body contouring: Vascularization and Lipolysis and Deep Lipolysis and Localised Fat Reduction. Whilst Vascularisation and Lipolysis mode is highly effective for medium-density fat deposits and areas where circulation is sluggish, Deep Lipolysis and Localised Fat Reduction is perfect for targeting high-density fat deposits – including hard-to-treat areas like knees and chin. Tetra-Wave, Double Wave and Triple Wave handpieces allow clinicians never-before-seen versatility and the ability to successfully treat more areas of the body including abdomen, chin, hips, arms, buttocks, back, thighs and knees.


Skin Resurfacing and Lifting

Thuzzle Skin Resurfacing and Lifting utilises Fractional Radial technology to deliver superficial epidermal micro-ablation and volumetric heating of the dermis to rejuvenate skin texture and heal from within. The fractional radiofrequency utlises 40 or 64 pins to effectively and safely deliver the RF energy into the dermis, creating micro wounds to initiate and accelerate the formation of new, healthy skin tissue and rejuvenated skin.

Thuzzle is the only fractional rejuvenation technology that combines RF energy with volumetric heating – thus ensuring the multi-wave energy is evenly and consistently dispersed across the treatment area. This allows for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, dermal volumizing, pore reduction, improvement of overall skin tone and texture, firming and tightening of loose, lax skin as well as improving the appearance of acne scarring, skin discolouration and pigmentation from sun damage.

Medical-grade Thuzzle provides non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments that deliver highly effective results, making it ideal for clients seeking clinically proven results without the downtime associated with more invasive procedures. Treatments with Thuzzle take under 30 minutes to perform and offer fast, comfortable, and easy to perform services with minimal downtime. Enhanced safety and efficacy is delivered by 5 treatment area specific handpieces that feature in-built temperature and motion sensors, allowing clinicians to ensure consistent results on all areas of the face and body.

Thuzzle is the evolution of thermal energy and radio-frequency technology for medical-grade face and body rejuvenation, delivering highly advanced, cutting-edge solutions to some of the most common skin and body concerns. The versatility and effectiveness of Thuzzle’s treatment applications plus easy-to-use handpieces make it an essential all-in-one tool for forward-thinking clinics looking to stay ahead of the competition.

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