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FREE Expert Lease Review worth $2500 for ABIC Members

How to Save $90,000 on Your Beauty Clinic — FREE Expert Help and Lease Review (normally $2,500) — for ABIC Members Only

Beauty Therapists prescribe better skin health practices to their clients every day.

Why not take a quick minute to check if your beauty business could be practicing better rental health?

In one business owner’s case, it saved her $87,657.

Your Leasing Co., who are experts at commercial lease negotiations, worked with the Melbourne based business owner and were able to negotiate for her, a much stronger 5 year term on her lease, saving her almost $90,000 and completely erasing the stress of dealing with a challenging Landlord situation.

All from taking a few seconds to make a simple call.

Exclusively For ABIC Members

Your Leasing Co. is making an extremely generous offer to ABIC Members.

FREE Phone Advice for Your Beauty Clinic Leasing Situation


A FREE Lease Review (normally charged at $2,500).

Take advantage of one — or both.

There’s no obligation.

It’s free to members.

Because Leases Are As Painful As a Skin Condition …

As a business owner, chances are you have experienced some level of pain, stress or financial worry associated with your Landlord, renewing your lease or finding a new location to run your business.

Business owners running busy clinics usually don’t have the time, interest or technical know how associated with all the ins and outs of commercial leasing and often negotiate poor leasing deals with their Landlords as a result.

This common condition, known as the “Tenants Dilemma”, leaves many clinics in a much worse financial state than they need to be.

A Better Deal Could Save You Thousands (Easily)

In one recent case, a business owner in Melbourne found a new location for her business in a popular regional shopping centre, but thought the rent was a bit expensive and was uncomfortable about the way the deal was being presented. She was told by the Landlord’s leasing executive that two other parties were interested and she should sign the Letter of Offer and pay a deposit immediately to secure the site. Sound familiar?

After getting expert advice and help, Your Leasing Co. negotiated a new lease to the tune of $87,657 in total savings over the 5 year term of the lease. You can read more about the client’s story here. []

Your Leasing Co. Works Exclusively For You

Bet you wish someone had told you this service existed sooner! Well, this type of little known specialist expertise is referred to as a Tenant Representative, an advisor that works 100% for you, the business owner (no Landlord commissions, kickbacks or dodgy side deals). They are a voice for tenants of all shapes and sizes, who can act on your behalf to take away the stresses of understanding and negotiating better lease terms.

Your Leasing Co. have been negotiating retail and commercial leases for over 25 years, take care of boring documentation and will generally ensure you no longer need to have any more uncomfortable (and potentially confrontational) conversations with your Landlord.

It’s much easier and faster than going to an accountant for example and just as important for your business health.

Getting the right answers to crucial commercial leasing questions that most people wonder about (but don’t ask) only takes a few minutes and it may save you tens of thousands.

For all ABIC members, Your Leasing Co. is available free by phone to answer any type of leasing or Landlord query. 

“Am I paying too much?”

“My upcoming renewal is making me nervous — what should I do?”

“Is anyone else having the same problems?”

“Does my Landlord have the right to do this?”

“What if I’m not happy with my current lease?”

“Can you explain these bizarre leasing terms in plain English?”

“How can I get a better leasing deal?”

Pick up the phone and give Your Leasing Co. a call.

(Be sure to mention that you are an ABIC Member for special benefits.)

Sometimes members will just want to check with an industry expert to get comfortable on a particular technical issue or understand their options and others will want to do a more detailed review.

As part of this very generous offer, Your Leasing Co. has agreed to give ABIC Members a FREE Lease Review (normally charged at $2,500).

Send over a copy of your lease and Your Leasing Co. will undertake a review and talk to you about the main components, critical dates and areas where critical improvements can be made. The key points will then be summarised in a concise report. Did we mention it’s free?

All too often, beauticians put their clients health first but neglect the health of their own beauty business. This is one of those fantastic opportunities to get your questions answered and take advantage of FREE expert advice.


Your Leasing Co. specialises in Tenant Representation and negotiating lease terms for Tenants. If you have any questions about negotiating the best outcome for your new lease or renewal, feel free to call or email us for a no-obligation, confidential discussion.

Phone: 1300 356 702

Email: [email protected]



“I wish I had discovered Kelly and her team many years earlier. During COVID they negotiated my COVID trading terms which enabled me to trade through very tough times. I will continue to use them for all my leasing arrangements. Having someone that knows retail leasing agreements will save you money, time and stress. They know the rental market what to ask for and how to negotiate your lease that’s in the best interest of your business. They are the type of companies that will enable small business to survive. Keep up the great work YOUR LEASING CO and thankyou.”

"Thank you Kelly, a brilliant result achieved in obtaining both a rent reduction and refit contribution towards my businesses fitout! Your work ethic and tenacity throughout the experience was exceptional, Thank you."

— Nikki Scholz, The Shelf Deli Café

“What a great experience and outcome. Kelly saved us a significant amount of time and money and handled everything from site visits, lease negotiations, landlord concessions and everything in between. She was never more than a phone call away and I could not more highly recommend Kelly and the team at Your Leasing Co. If you are seeking a commercial premises, give them a call. You will be glad you did. Thanks again.”

— Reine Clemow, Aquira Wealth Partners


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