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Drive new sales from old devices

Selling used isn’t just for cars.

 The beauty of buying a new car is that there is a market to sell it if you ever change your mind or want to upgrade in the future.

Did you know that a similar, huge market also exists for used devices?

You will always get the best value from a used device if you sell it privately.

Plenty of people are buying used devices every day thanks to the Lasertrade marketplace.

In 2020 the Lasertrade online market for used devices launched. In 2022, over $4.2 million worth of devices were bought and sold on the Lasertrade market.

 Whether you’re upgrading to a new device, or selling one you no longer need, it’s easy to reach hundreds of active buyers Australia-wide.

 Here are some ways Lasertrade can help you sell your used devices:

1 | Reach

You will get a better price by reaching more people. Lasertrade has buyers all over australia.

2 | Secure payment

Lasertrade ensures money is held securely until the transaction is complete and both parties are happy.

3 | Shipping

Lasertrade will manage the courier booking for you.

4 | Ease

Your time is valuable. The Lasertrade platform and process makes selling simple so you can get back to your business.

Visit to get the best price for your used devices.


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