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Cool Therapy: The Latest Solution For Post-Treatment Swelling

If you, like so many others in the industry, are on the lookout for non-irritating solutions for swelling and inflammation after treatments, this may be for you. Kenzina have just launched their freezable masks range for full face, eyes and lips, designed for use immediately following cosmetic treatments like microneedling, laser, IPL, peels, or injectables.  

These masks have been lovingly designed with beauty therapists, dermal clinicians, cosmetic doctors, and nurse injectors in mind, and meeting the demand for post-procedure care to enhance healing mechanisms. Kenzina’s gel-filled masks, unlike sheet masks, rely purely on cold therapy to calm and soothe the skin post-treatment, minimising swelling, reducing inflammation, and improving client or patient comfort after (or before!) cosmetic procedures. Many practitioners are hesitant to apply sheet masks or serums immediately following certain clinical treatments, due to the increased risk of granuloma or adverse reaction to ingredients. Simply pop these masks in the fridge or freezer until cold and apply directly to the skin in the treatment area - sanitising before and after treatment of course. Or you may want to apply them over gauze or fibrella - the choice is yours!

These biodegradable ice packs can also be used in a number of other methods and treatments aside from post-procedure. Kenzina’s full face ‘Fire & Ice Face Mask’ has a unique hot and cold dual action, delivering quick and effective relief, relaxation and beauty benefits. Simply use cold for beauty treatments to depuff and invigorate, or microwave for soothing aches and pains. This indulgent warm mask will be a fast favourite for any clients or patients suffering sore masseters, TMJ, or sinus irritation. 

 For those clients who wish to create their own ice therapy facial experiences at home,  Kenzina has also just launched its DIY Facial Ice Therapy Tool. This allows users to simply add water, pop in the freezer, and carry out their own energising ice massage to sculpt, refresh and energise the skin. Users can also create one of the simple recipes provided for a truly tailored experience. 

So, whether your clients are tired mums who need a pick-me-up after a big day, or skincare enthusiasts who love to experiment with their home routines, there really is something for everyone, inside and outside of the clinic. Best of all, Kenzina products are all sustainable, reusable, latex-free, and recyclable. For more information or to enquire about stocking Kenzina in your salon or clinic, visit


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