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Considerations For Combination Therapies

We operate in a highly competitive, saturated market. Our clients have so much choice when it comes to salons, day spas, skin clinics and medi-aesthetic practices they could visit for their beauty needs. And the quality of skincare and technology continues to get better each day. We are in constant search of that special edge, how to set ourselves apart from others, while also attempting to provide the best results, the most noticeable, the fastest.

For many, combination therapies have been the answer. There are countless amazing treatment options out there, but by combining them, perhaps we can reach our clients’ goals even faster and more effectively. And at the same time, we may set ourselves apart from other businesses by offering highly unique services.

If you’re already combining treatments and modalities, or this is something you would like to explore further, let’s discuss some of the factors you may want to take into consideration when creating your ultimate combined therapies treatment menu.

Remember, safety first

We all understand how easy it can be to get carried away with excitement when designing new treatment protocols. Be sure to check with your distributor for appropriate combinations and pre- and post-waiting periods. Most of us want to push the boundaries to get results, but never at the expense of your client/patient’s health and safety. Patch testing is your best friend, and always err on the side of caution. Enlist your team and close friends or family to conduct some trials prior to launching your new combo therapy to ensure safety and efficacy.

Do independent research

There is so much conflicting advice and anecdotal evidence out there. Many stories you hear about certain combo treatments come without context surrounding the treatment, the client, whether or not they were prepped, the type of environment a treatment was delivered in. Always look to academic research as your one true source of information regarding the treatments and ingredients that are safe to perform in conjunction. 

Combining devices

As we mentioned earlier - it’s an incredibly competitive market. While many clinics operate utilising just one device brand or distributor, many also utilise an abundance of brands. Some of your devices may; unbeknownst to you, be exceptionally well suited to use one after the other. Unfortunately, most distributors will never advise the use of a competitor brand in conjunction with theirs. This is where independent clinical trainers, who are not exclusively associated with any one particular brand, may come in handy. 

A highly experienced clinical trainer, who can incorporate years of experience with a broad spectrum of brands, devices and treatments, may be your answer to creating the perfect combination therapies for your business. They can provide unbiased on the brands and services you currently offer, and what you could do to take this to the next level. Karen Geiszler, Owner/Manager at Karen Geiszler Beauty & Modality Training, is an award-winning beauty therapist, hairdresser, laser and IPL practitioner, and skilled trainer with over 30 years of industry experience. Karen offers an incredibly extensive range of training solutions for you and your team, from business management to practical skills including energy-based modalities, needling, epiblading, plasma fibroblast, electrolysis, and of course - combined modalities. 

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