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Checklist for Christmas & New Year Closure

The Aesthetic and Beauty industries, much like retail, experience their peak season in the lead up to the Christmas break.

While consumers are focused on looking their best for the holiday season and relying on us to squeeze in that last-minute appointment, small business owners somehow need to also squeeze in their end-of-year wind-down. 

We’ve put together a useful ‘to-do’ list to ensure you head into the Christmas break feeling completely prepared and able to relax.

1. Advise your clients of your closure period

As you take payment or rebook your clients next appointment, let them know of your holiday hours as well as when you are returning to business as usual.

2. Annual Leave for the team

If you are directing your team members to take annual leave over the break, ensure you have clearly outlined the intention in writing within the correct timeframes, or you have the agreement in from them in writing. - Directing an employee to take annual leave - Fair Work Ombudsman

3. Promotion to boost bookings in the new year 

If your appointments are still looking slow for January, prepare a New Year promotion to boost your appointments when you return.

4. Safety First

If you have provided any treatment in last few days before your closure and there is any risk of an adverse reaction i.e., Injectables, ensure you have an emergency contact and/or plan in place to assist the client if they need you.

5. ‘We are currently closed for the holidays’ 

Create signage to be displayed in the window during your closure period.

6. Do you have an online store?

Make sure you have a plan in place if you intend to leave it open for sales over the break and if not, ensure you close your online store or ensure it won’t allow for a cheeky order to come through that you’ll be unable to fulfill for a few weeks.

7. Pop! 

Create a website pop-up regarding your adjusted hours and availability.

8. Set your ‘special hours’

Adjust your hours on Google and Facebook.

9. Live responses

Edit your Instagram and Facebook automatic message replies to provide information about your availability.

10. Voicemail

Change your answering machine message.

11. Stay Connected

Prepare and schedule social media posts to run over the break to maintain your engagement and connection with clients.

12. Most importantly, enjoy the break! 

No matter how you are spending the holiday period, take time to rest, relax and reflect. It’s been a BIG year.

By Keira Maloney

ABIC Facilitator


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