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Attracting, Aligning, Developing, & Retaining Great Teams

According to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, we are set to see an increase in the number of beauty therapists entering the field over the next 3 years - at long last! We know that many of you have been feeling the impacts of a skills shortage over recent years, so in anticipation for this expected influx, we’re sharing a few secrets on how to attract and maintain your perfect team.

Step 1: Attracting the right people

During the hiring process, are you discussing your candidates’ goals and gaining a real sense of their ambitions? Highly passionate, driven therapists who are motivated to grow, learn, or achieve certain goals are just the kinds of people you want to attract if you’re on a mission to grow your business, as they will be the ones that are also seeking more than just a paycheck. But it doesn’t end there. The modern-day interview process has evolved, and it is just as much about what you can offer your candidate as it is what they can offer you. High quality therapists are now seeking something much more meaningful, and advertising a great wage and team culture just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Here are some example interview talking points:

1. Explain your business’ Mission, Vision & Core Values
2. Why does your business exist, and what impact is it creating everyday? How does it help your clients & team?
3. How can your clinic/salon help therapists achieve their personal goals in life?
4. Emphasise your desire to find the right personality fit and not just the right skill set (HIRE FOR ATTITUDE, TRAIN FOR RESULTS)

Step 2: Align your values and goals

Once you have them in your door, your focus should turn to how to align them with your business’ Mission, Vision and Core Values in a way that facilitates freedom and eliminates micro-managing. This should facilitate trust, but also establish a strong sense of purpose as well as accountability. You may want to consider completing a PPF (Personal, Professional, Financial) goal alignment process. This is all about welcoming in your new team members and setting the tone. The main theme should revolve around ‘How can your business help them achieve everything they want in life?’ They may not know exactly what it is they want, but this exercise will really start to develop this goal-setting mindset, and help to inspire them. Then you can move onto ‘How can you help them achieve those whilst they help your business achieve its Mission, Vision, Values?’

Step 3: Keeping them around

Now that your new therapists are aligned, how do we continue to keep them inspired and wanting to develop their (and your!) future success?

1. Have a set education calendar and resource for training material, and commit dedicated time to utilising these. Many successful salons and clinics dedicate entire days during which your entire team focuses on their education. Squeezing in sessions between clients, which often get cut short, does not demonstrate a significant commitment to growth and development.
2. Show your team that you are also committed to your own personal growth and professional development by attending relevant conferences or training programs.
3. Refer back to your team’s PPF worksheets regularly, and check in with them periodically regarding progress.
4. And perhaps most importantly, celebrate wins with your team! Acknowledging their hard work and their successes, as well as yours as a business, is imperative. Ensuring your team feels appreciated is absolutely key in ensuring they stick with you, and feel part of the bigger picture.

If this guidance resonates with you and you’d like to learn more, you may benefit from the expertise of a business coach who can offer tailored advice. Andy Heyne, founder of Millionaire Salon Coach, has helped countless beauty and aesthetics businesses prosper by helping them achieve an aligned and unified team. In addition to this, Andy provides coaching and support on all things marketing and promotion, goal-setting, sales techniques, and increasing profit just to name a few. Click here to get in touch.


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