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Advantages Of Hands-On Brand Education

One of the most prominent demands we see from industry is excellent training. This is closely followed by the demand for amazing suppliers, who not only provide their partners with high quality products, but who go above and beyond to offer stellar service and education. One such supplier doing exactly this is Elleebana, who have consistently over the years offered quality, in-depth, and regular training to their salon partners, both virtually and in-person. 

Benefits Of Regular Training

If you and your team aren’t engaging in regular training with your suppliers, you may be missing out. It’s about so much more than receiving great products to your business, completing the introductory training, and booking in the clients. We see so many practitioners use a brand or its products for years without undergoing any further training or development, to the point where it becomes muscle memory, even forgetting some of the benefits or ingredients. And of course, some brands and products continue to evolve over time, reinvigorating their formulas or even updating their application techniques based on new trends or cosmetic ingredient breakthroughs. So if you aren’t engaging in regular refresher courses with your suppliers, you run the risk of missing out on these.

Becoming An Ambassador

Another benefit to engaging in regular supplier training is gaining a true understanding of the brand, its team, and its products. Once your therapists develop this, they will have the opportunity to create a lasting connection and passion for the products based on knowledge, confidence, and trust. By fine tuning your team’s skills with regular training, they will become brand ambassadors in their own right within your business. It is at this point when therapists can elevate themselves from regular treatment providers to experts in that treatment - and clients notice. They want to book with the ‘specialist’ for their chosen treatment - the ones who provide such incredible results they could do it in their sleep! 

Elleebana’s Lash Lift is one of those treatments to have developed almost a cult following over the years, establishing itself as the beauty industry’s go-to Lash Lift provider. Elleebana continued to innovate and perfect its products and its formulas, and this may be one of the primary reasons the treatment is so loved by thousands. As lash and brow trends develop, and practitioners discover new and improved ways to treat their clients, so too does Elleebana shift and grow to incorporate these, ensuring their partner’s treatments are always at the forefront. This is one of the reasons why Elleebana continues to offer countless training avenues, across digital platforms and in-person Australia-wide. Some of the brand’s most popular include:


This curriculum is Elleebana’s newest course, which includes the latest formulation; Elleeplex Profusion. This is a great course for those building a vegan-friendly salon, or would love to offer product options to accommodate all clients. The product is very gentle on the hair and skin, taking the worry out of overprocessing the hairs. This is an in-depth course, covering both theory and application techniques.


Have you already been certified in Lash Lifting but want to learn the Elleebana way without sitting through another whole course? This will equip you with everything you need to know to be a confident Elleebana artist, utilising the Elleebana and Elleeplex Profusion  product range. You can view the entire range of courses, both online and in person across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, here.

So if you’re searching for a lash and brow supplier you can trust for continued education and constant innovation to its product and service portfolio, contact the team at Elleebana to discuss how their range could work for your business.


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