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ABIC Industry Goals for 2022

1 - Unity, Community and Strength

We know there is strength in numbers, but there is even more power when those numbers stand united, like-minded and impassioned with a cause.

On Monday 31st January we will be announcing just the first step in our delivering these goals and giving you some gifts:

The gift of connection, with more like-minded professionals so that you feel less alone in one of the loneliest times in history.

The gift of a larger, stronger platform for communication, where you can ask for answers and not only get the right information, but you can share your thoughts and ideas with other industry professionals, creating motivation and momentum.

2 - Expertise, Growth and Advancement

We know that knowledge is power, and its execution means success, so to help you succeed and grow we will be adding hundreds of advanced resources into the ABIC Library throughout February and March.

These stellar resources include videos with industry leaders and experts that will help advance your career and business, whilst keeping you excited, motivated and focused on rebuilding and growing.

3 - Communication, Inspiration and Insight

We know how important it is in our industry to stay current on the latest news, trends, and advancements in treatments, products, and technology. If you want to stay at the top of your game you need to be progressive, in touch with what clients want, and informed about what is happening in our industry.

This is why we will be offering an industry leading journal and podcast to keep you in touch, on trend and informed!

4 - Elevation, Recognition and Respect

We know that the only way to safeguard the future of our industry, and the qualified professionals within it, along with ensuring the safety and care of our clients is to introduce uniform recognised guidelines, and the elevation of standards for the Australian aesthetic profession.

This is why in the first half of 2022, within just one year of our launch, we will be rolling out the ABIC Certification Program. This initiative will allow professionals and clinics to proudly announce and display their high standards, compliance and excellence to both the industry and clients, bringing them respect and credibility.

Furthermore, commencing this year, is one of the most impactful and important projects for our industry. It is one of the most requested initiatives of ABIC, a self-regulation program that can oversee, elevate and standardise the training and treatment standards within the aesthetic industry.

We have commenced preliminary talks with relevant industry stakeholders, RTO’s and training institutions for the establishment of an industry self-regulation committee that will include some of the most experienced and qualified experts. This project will likely take a minimum of two years to complete, and it will be undertaken with the intention of changing the trajectory of our industry to one that is led by qualified, well trained and safe professionals.

5 - Steadfast Support and Representation

Throughout the delivery and execution of these game changing initiatives for our industry, ABIC will continue to provide unparalleled support, guidance and representation to our industry, continually growing and solidifying the unity and strength of the professional beauty and aesthetic industry.

Stefanie Milla – ABIC CEO


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