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ABIC Government Industry Representation

Beauty and Aesthetic Industry Representation to Government

ABIC has been fighting and advocating for our industry, and for you, every day in countless government meetings, through correspondence with ministers and key decision makers, but what has been clear throughout this time is that our industry has lacked a strong, ubiquitous representative and unified voice for the 4 sectors of the Aesthetic Industry more than 15 years.

This lack of representation has resulted in a lack of understanding regarding the progress of our industry, the advancements in our qualifications and standards, and the progressive treatments that we are able to offer, along with the safety standards that are inherent within the beauty and aesthetic discipline.

ABIC is correcting this and is making our industry heard with a voice that is becoming more powerful as it gains support from the industry, its professionals, and its businesses.

We have started to make this correspondence (attached to this page) available to you in the interest of transparency and to encourage industry professionals to give us their feedback and tell us their concerns so that we can fight for you.

The voice that needs to be heard is YOURS, it’s OURS, and the only way to make our collective voice heard in government is through ABIC membership numbers. The more membership numbers that we have, the more consideration we are given, they more they listen.

So, we need YOU to stand up and make your voice heard by joining ABIC.

As a Professional Individual:

It only costs $1.90 per week to make your voice heard, to secure your career and your future. Your future is worth more than a cup of coffee per week.

Plus, you get education, resources, career guidance and more.


As a Clinic Member:

It only costs you $24.75 per week, that’s less than you pay a staff member for one hour of work, to make your voice heard and secure the future for your business.

Plus, you get ABIC working for you FULL TIME, with education, resources, industry information, human resources, wage and staff matters, contracts, fairwork matters, access to industry facilitators for any industry question and much more.


As Student Member:

It costs .90 cents per week, and you can be sure that your future in the industry is safe, and that your voice is heard as a student in aesthetics.

Plus, you get access to industry leaders, networking, career building, so much education and resources and industry discounts.

Here is the link to take control of your future.



15th September NSW Treasury Meeting

Download pdf

PRESS RELEASE to lift 5 Cap Rule for beauty & aesthetics

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Health Minister - Advice to lift 5 Cap for beauty & aesthetics

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