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ABIC Covid Support Applications

We have heard the voices of so many Therapists and aesthetic businesses call out for support and encouragement throughout Covid lockdown.

Our aesthetic businesses were shut down, and with little or no income the reality is that so many are in the same boat, impacted financially and emotionally. 

ABIC, with the aid of generous people, businesses in the aesthetic industry, foundation members, board members and with the particular initiative and support of Beaute Industrie have raised over $55,000 to support our aesthetic community.

If you are in a Covid lockdown and unable to work, you can apply for a $100 Coles voucher.


Our support is completely confidential and we know that it is much needed in this difficult period.

To meet the requirements you must have a qualification in the beauty or aesthetic field, and be currently living in Australia.


All information in this form remains confidential and will not be used for any other reason than to qualify that the applicant is:

1. In Australia

2. Working in the Beauty & Aesthetic Industry

3. In a COVID lockdown

Please fill in each section.

If you are having difficulty uploading documents, please refresh the webpage first, and then try again.

If you need assistance email [email protected] with the information requested in the form below.

We are here to give you support.


Australian Covid Support Application

Upload Proof of your qualification (OR) Copy of ABN Certificate - Drop files here or click to upload.

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