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Neil Osborne Spendsuasion®

Neil Osborne Spendsuasion®

19 June - 10 July 2024
12.30pm - 1.30pm
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Spendsuasion® gives you and your team the right words to say and when to say them, to persuasively up-sell, cross-sell, re-book, retain and recommend take-home retail. This is not a scripted approach but rather a methodology for your team to learn and own.

  • Improve your team’s conversion rate of new client enquires
  • Dramatically improve your client’s average spend
  • Increase your clinic weekly turnover by 10 to 25%

Registrations now open for our next Spendsuasion® course commencing June 19th 2024.

Course delivered by Neil Osborne, master trainer and educator in the beauty and aesthetics industry.


Master Trainer, Founder, Keynote Speaker, Experienced Consultant, Media Contributor

Neil Osborne has worked exclusively in the salon, clinic and aesthetic markets for more than three decades. He teaches businesses and brands, how to be profitable and commercially clever.

As a sales and growth coach, he’s dramatically grown hundreds of service and product-based brands and businesses, using industry-specific methods that grow their sales, develop their consultation and persuasion skills, and multiply their turnover.
“The principles I teach and methods I use are not only proven and easy to apply, they build sustainable growth. By transforming your processes from complex to radically simple and using an industry-specific toolkit, the growth multiplier effect is amazing.”



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