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Savvy Salon Sales

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Millionaire Salon Coaching

Millionaire Salon Coaching

$97 AUD
28 March 2022
10.00am - 12.00pm
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Savvy Salon Sales

Are you searching for ways to increase salon sales? 

If so, this webinar is definitely for you! Learn strategies to increase sales by 30% in just 90 days. Our experts will teach you how to correctly identify objections and handle them with ease. So whether your clients say they can't afford it, need to talk to their partners or are just not interested, trust that your therapists have it handled. Register today and start boosting your salon's bottom line!

Benefits: Strategies that have been tested & refined in our Salon

  1. Increased Salon Revenue
  2. Eliminate Financial Stress
  3. Increased Owner Freedom
  4. Increase Salon Abundance
  5. Effective Role Play to Increase Team confidence
  6. Understanding real client objections VS Fear
  7. Adding greater value to your clients without sounding Salesy
  8. Features VS Advantages VS Benefits. What actually makes the clients purchase
  9. Knowing if the clients TRUE skin concern has been handled (not what We think it is) Secret recipe this one!!
  10. No extra time wasted with clients (eventually it saves time)

Have your Team of Therapists generating higher Sales!! Trust your Therapists to handle client objections with confidence!!

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