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ReBorn Education Booster Event

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The Global Beauty Group

The Global Beauty Group

27 February 2023
5.30pm - 6.30pm
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ReBorn Education Booster Event

Join The Global Beauty Group Team via Zoom on Monday, February 27th to experience innovative ReBorn treatments, understand the mechanism of action behind Power LED fat reduction and discover how these targeted, safe and comfortable services can help you achieve your business goals.

Live via Zoom from The Global Beauty Group HQ, our ReBorn Education Booster Event features a demo on targeted fat reduction and a presentation on the science of ReBorn with The Global Beauty Group Training and Clinical Manager Elise. The Global Beauty Group Marketing Manager Eliza will cover how to promote medical-grade fat reduction with ReBorn in your clinic.

Developed by Israeli-based LightFective, ReBorn showcases innovative engineering and Power LED technology for leading fat reduction results. 940nm IR (infrared) light is utilised during treatment and is effectively absorbed by fat cells (5mm-14mm under the skin) while not impacting the epidermis. A patented “multisource approach” for homogeneous heat distribution across the entire treatment area elevates the temperature of fat cells to 42-47°C, triggering apoptosis.

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For any questions or for further information please contact our team on [email protected] or call 03 8555 2246.


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