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E.A.S.T HP VIP Launch

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Mara Aesthetics

Mara Aesthetics

3 February 2023
6.00pm - 9.00pm
Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery Road, The Domain NSW 2000
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E.A.S.T HP VIP Launch

Join the exciting launch of the E.A.S.T HP at the NSW Art Gallery, where you will be hosted by renowned Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Guido Maronati and enjoy an exclusive VIP tour of the NSW Art Gallery.


E.A.S.T. is a micro – electrosurgical device that can be used for non-invasive surgery in the field of aesthetic
medicine. The device consists of a single body in plastic material and a metal needle that constitutes the
applied part in contact with the patient.

E.A.S.T. (Electrical Arc Sublimation Therapy) is indicated in the outpatient treatment of excellence to eliminate skin blemishes safely and comfortably.
Practical and handy tool with an innovative design, wireless, to be combined with the treatments performed with other devices present in the specialised clinics treating:


  • Correction of medium and light palpebral ptosis
  • Soft Lifting of excess skin
  • Cutaneous hyperchromia
  • Periumbilical Striae Distensae
  • Warts, nevi, keloids, fibroids, xantelasms, dyskeratosis
  • Concealing of scars

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