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6 Week Reignite Your Business Program

Hosted By
The ZING Project

The ZING Project

30 January - 6 March 2023
11.00am - 12.00pm
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6 Week Reignite Your Business Program

Are you ready to REIGNITE your business & start 2023 with a strong plan for your business? 

Join our NEW 6 Week Program for Salon, Spa & Clinic Owners (1 hour weekly sessions). 

What to expect from the program: 

  • Clarity on your current and future business goals. 
  • Realignment with your vision for your business, your team & your clients 
  • Motivation and incentivising techniques for your team to reap the BEST results 
  • Effective communication with your team, strong meeting flows from the ground up and retreat planning 
  • Retaining and growing the best team for your business 
  • Tips on how to be an amaZING leader 
  • Exceptional client Journey planning, from the moment clients enter to the moment they leave, guaranteeing a world class experience! 

We're looking forward to helping you grow your business to the NEXT LEVEL.


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