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At the United Institute of Aesthetics, we are an advanced provider of dermal and aesthetic training for the professional beauty and dermal industry.

We specialise in providing education for state of the art dermal treatments, lasers, heat and non-heat based modalities, and we are experts in training on the latest and most modern equipment available in the industry.

We not only teach you about the treatments, responses and equipment, we teach you the science of learning, how to retain and utilise the information that you acquire.

We provide you and your team with expertise, knowledge and support and offer a wide range of training including:

  • Skin Anatomy and Physiology
  • Advanced Dermal Conditions and How To Treat Them Using a Multi Therapy and Multimodality Approach
  • Treating Skin Concerns Holistically Addressing the Underlying Causes Whilst Treating the Symptoms 
  • Laser Safety Certificate
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
  • IPL
  • LED
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Pigmentation Removal
  • Plasma Treatment
  • Skin Needling (CIT)
  • Epidermal Blading
  • Skin Tightening 
  • Laser & Carbon Facial
  • Q-Switch Treatments
  • Cryotherapy
  • Basic And Advanced Peels

Suzanne Robertson has been a dermal trainer for 15 years and is regarded as one of the industry's most experienced and engaging trainers. The care, support and knowledge that she imparts to her students results in real life career progression, and the mastery of not only technical skills, but important ancillary skills such as communication, consultation and recommendation. 

To inquire about training please contact Suzanne on [email protected]

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