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20 + Years delivering state of the art equipment, supporting Australian/NZ specialists & general practices

Device Consulting was started by Mr Milivoj Boltuzic in 1999, as a family owned company.

The VISION was to provide consultations and unbiased technical advice regarding any device in this field.

Our MISSION was that the devices we supply must achieve CLINICAL RESULTS for your patients.

Today, our vision and mission are as strong as ever and we continue to deliver exceptional clinical results and service support in an ever-changing world, bringing new and innovative technologies from around the globe to your clinic.

How We Help In Your Device Investment Journey


Before first bringing a product to these markets, we must be assured that its quality and efficacy are such that it is at the forefront of its field. We insist that our clinical and service staff receive full manufacturer training so that you can get the best out of your device from day one and throughout its clinical life.


We operate our own in-house engineering department to ensure your investment remains at peak performance. We insist our engineers receive full and ongoing manufacturer training in maintenance and repair of all our devices, so Device Consulting partners benefit from first-hand, state of the art knowledge.

Our engineers know how important the smooth operation of your device is to your practice and we’ll always respond in the timely manner you require.
A broad range of after-sales warranty/service packages are available in order to help minimise downtime.

Training and Support

Device Consulting supports you with clinical user training tailored specifically for your equipment to make sure you’re in the best position to consistently achieve clinical results for your patients.
We always ensure that you and your staff are provided with the latest clinical updates.

One of the fastest and highest-powered Pico lasers on the market

PicoStar employs 2.5 GW of power to generate ultra-short pulses below 300 picoseconds for the most effective treatment of pigments, multi-coloured tattoos, and unique effect on skin tone & texture.


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