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A basic and easy to use template to track your weekly salon/clinic/spa target.

Setting and monitoring your team’s weekly sales targets is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as a business owner. These sales targets will not only keep your team accountable, active, and busy but also make your business a profitable one.

If you need to make more money, there are two ways to do this by increasing the number of clients you have or by increasing the dollar amount that each client spends in your salon, either through product purchases, treatments, or both. Which one will depend on the current state of your business?

You will need to determine what your business needs are and if you already have many clients you might need to consider marketing to your existing clientele to increase your profits.

Before you set your sales targets look at your expenses and outgoings, you should know exactly how much it costs for you to run your overall business. This will help you set an achievable profit goal and then set targets for your team members.


Weekly Target Tracker - Word

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Weekly Target Tracker - PDF

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