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Partner Update with Nicole Montgomery #4

Hello ABIC Community and welcome to the new financial year!

A lot has happened in only a couple of weeks, where to begin? I have been exceptionally fortunate to have had the opportunity to take a week off. It has been a crazy first half of the year having already done over 6 events, including 3 huge interstate conferences. Conferences and events are an incredible opportunity to network and align with ABIC’s core values: community, unity, conversation, and strength. It has been an honour and privilege to represent ABIC. In saying that, these events do take away from valuable time with my children and family. This was why having a week off during school holidays to be present and enjoy time playing uno, scrabble and doing nothing. Well, it was divine, no doubt I appreciated it far more than my children. I am now recharged and ready for the next three huge events of 2023 on the ABIC calendar: 

Aesthetics 2023 with Dr Steven Liew 10th – 13th August 2023 

Beauty Expo 2023 with ABIC Networking Lounge - 26th and 27th August 2023 

The Fresh Life 2023 - ABIC will be exhibiting - 5th – 8th September 2023

It is a very exciting next few months of the third quarter of 2023 before we head into the silly season.

Let’s talk THREADS! You may have noticed the “@” symbol on ABIC’s Instagram account. I am proud to say my first job upon returning from holidays was to join us to Threads. ABIC has joined over 50 million Instagram users who have joined the new social media platform “Threads” the latest app to be released by Mark Zukerberg. 

What is Threads? 

I will say it how I see it; Threads is basically Twitter but via Instagram. What’s great is there are no ads – yet! So, a fantastic way to organically disseminate your message. It is still in its early stages, so the algorithm is not yet as sophisticated as IG. In that, your feed is more random, rather than the algorithm predicting what you will like and what will keep you on the platform longer. In the feed, you will see a variety of content from people you do not know and people you do. Threads is so new, no one really knows everything there is to know about mastering threads.  To find out everything you need to know about threads visit this reliable link, directly from the creators:

I hope all the brave business owners within the ABIC community have survived the end of the financial year and can now breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe even cheer and pat yourself on the back for a great year. I emphasise the word brave, as a business owner you are constantly taking risks, relying on blind faith and you never can truly turn off. ABIC strives every day to support you, facilitate a community for you and to be a platform for you to share all your concerns and triumphs. Together we are shaping the future and creating a safer industry. 

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." — Chris Grosser

Written with gratitude,
Nicole Montgomery RN


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