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Partner Update with Nicole Montgomery #3

What are the differences between advertising and marketing?

The answer is simple, they are vastly different!

They have distinct differences. Traditional advertising usually takes place offline through mediums like flyers, billboards, bus shelters, events, magazines, and vouchers. These tangible ads and information are crucial for reaching people who aren't online or aren't familiar with your brand. It's important to note that people tend to trust messaging more when it's presented in-person or in print, as opposed to social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram (according to

Marketing defines a successful company, great marketing, branding, and messaging are imperative to the success of any business. Marketing is very difficult to define as marketing encompasses everything from how you interact with the postman to your customer journey as well as advertising. I like to think of marketing as your non-verbal and verbal storytelling. Ultimately your reputation in every aspect! I love analogies so I am going to share a short story.

I love to travel and as a tourist on one of my trips, I was thrilled to explore the major sights of a new city. During my travels, I came across a stunning historic building that seemed to be part of a school. I was impressed by the opulence of the school and its beautiful grounds. Upon observing the students, I noticed that each of them was dressed impeccably in a full three-piece suit, with shining shoes and well-groomed appearance, as if it was a photo day.

Without any verbal communication, I've made three assumptions about this school:

  1. It's a high-end and sophisticated institution.
  2. The school enforces a strict dress code and behavioural standards.
  3. This school is on par with renowned institutions like Sydney's Knox, Kings, or Sydney Grammar School.

I based these assumptions solely on the school's appearance, which is similar to how others might perceive your team. If your team presents themselves in a united, professional, and detail-oriented manner, they will undoubtedly stand out.

Your brand identity encompasses more than just a logo or brochure. It's about paying attention to details like your team's presentation, language, and attitude. Even as a small company on a tight budget, you can still make a top-notch impression with a uniform. I remember when I worked in hospitality years ago, we were required to wear a uniform that was always freshly laundered and perfectly pressed. As a five-star hotel, it was important that every staff member looked immaculate. The laundry was responsible for ensuring that each uniform was tailored to fit properly. These small details can make a big difference in creating the right impression for your brand.

During a conference break, I witnessed a sales manager sitting on the floor with their shoes off. While I understand that conferences can be exhausting, this behaviour can be perceived negatively. On the other hand, I have seen companies where all team members wear the company branding with pride, giving the impression of uniformity. This aligns with the ultimate marketing goal, where every team member becomes a marketer promoting the business and not just one expert. The marketing manager should lead all activities that create touchpoints, generate leads, increase conversions, and retain customers.

ABIC is a unique industry body with a vast reach. We have over 1400 subscribed members, over 9000 industry members within our closed Facebook group, and a significant presence on Instagram and Facebook. Our high-performing posts can reach over 10,000 impressions.

As a member of ABIC, whether as a foundation, supplier, education, or coach, you can enjoy various benefits:

  1. All industry members are vetted and approved prior to being listed as a trusted supplier on our Supplier Directory.
  2. We prioritise educational content.
  3. By displaying the ABIC badge, you can show your credibility and commitment to corporate consciousness.

ABIC is a widely recognized and trusted industry voice. By associating with us, you are supporting the industry that supports you. As a trusted voice, we provide education to our members, which ultimately helps you grow your business.

As I reflect on my past two weeks, I wanted to highlight the importance of networking. Attending conferences and expanding ABIC's reach gives us the opportunity to connect with companies and organisations that align with ABIC. 

I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Support Organisation Aesthetic Met (AMET), a reputable and valuable subscription service for aesthetic professionals in need of emergency support. With over 1500 members, AMET is a trusted voice for aesthetic data on the management and incidence of adverse events. Additionally, I am delighted to welcome The Aesthetic Collective, a boutique, robust aesthetic marketing company as a Supplier Member of ABIC.

As always, so much is underway behind the scenes, so please watch this space for updates on ABIC events and partnerships.

Written with gratitude,
Nicole Montgomery RN


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