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Partner Update with Nicole Montgomery #2

Goodness me, two weeks fly by in the blink of an eye, especially when we are amid EOFY. 

End of financial year is the perfect time to review your numbers, where have you exceeded KPI’s and what areas have not been as successful as you anticipated. Knowing your numbers is imperative for your future planning, strategy, forecasting and budgeting. 

In speaking with clinic owners and companies I have found many business owners struggling with the volume of content required to maintain their online presence. To be honest ABIC has the same problem with multiple platforms and surfaces. Disseminating great content across multiple platforms is like juggling, unfortunately you will drop the ball from time to time.

Many businesses have: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google. Four separate platforms requiring four unique strategies for each. In addition, Instagram for instance has four surfaces: page posts, story posts, reels and explore – all of which requiring unique content. Facebook includes multiple surfaces: Facebook Watch, Reels, Explore, Messenger, Posts, Events, Video Library and if you chose to utilise reviews. All these mentioned platforms also have advertising options which is an entirely separate yet complimentary strategy.

How do we tackle this common issue? Let me tell you a little story I call “Building Bridges”. 

Imagine you have a beautiful property with a lovely river running through the middle. You would like to utilise the land on the other side of your property, so decide to build a bridge. In all your excitement you start building a bridge, but a few weeks in after noticing other bridges you decide to start again. So, bridge two is now underway and you have two bridges in the making. You realise there is a more affordable option and decide to start again. You now have three bridges in progress. A few months pass and you become frustrated and want a quicker option, so start bridge four.

It is now four months since deciding to build a bridge and you are no closer to reaching the other side of your property. Had you mastered the first bridge you would be able to easily reach the other side and start a new bridge. This short story, analogy is exactly what I see amongst business owners. Business owners start too many pages, platforms, surfaces. We all try to do everything to generate more leads, more reach, more influence, yet rarely do we actually master and thrive all. Master one account, one platform before tackling another.

Focus, strategy, and consistency is key to succeeding online. If you have a FB group, post regularly and always welcome new members. If you have Instagram, utilise stories and reels.  If you use LinkedIn write and post relevant articles. Whatever you do, do consistently, if your live, article, podcast, welcome post etc. comes out on the same day, at the same time every week – you will see consistency. Users will expect and look forward to your content. When you do not post consistently, do not have a strategy and purpose your audience will dis-engage. Therefore, moral of the story is: master one platform and/or surface before tackling another.

This fortnight we welcome a new education member, Australian Beauty School.  Please be sure to visit their ABIC supplier directory listing. We look forward to learning more from the team and students at Australian Beauty School. 

Behind the scenes, I have been preparing to launch the 2024 ABIC Educational Event campaign. The “Save the Date” and location will be released on the 1st of July. Without giving anything away, next year’s conference is set to be AMAZING as we break through glass ceilings. We will be releasing everything you need to know very soon – watch this space!

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our Foundation Members  - you are literally the foundation of ABIC, we would not be here without you.

“You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure.”

ABIC is strong, resilient, reliable and a rapidly growing industry body because of its strong foundation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all our foundation members for making ABIC what it is today. I am so grateful to be a part of such an incredible team, remarkable council and collaboratory community.

Written with gratitude,
Nicole Montgomery RN


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