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Partner Update with Nicole Montgomery #1

It's Nicole here, ABIC Partnerships Manager.

I've had a busy past few weeks within the ABIC community. I was lucky to attend a Cynosure lunch with Dr Davin Lim, which was informative and delicious. I also had the opportunity to attend Dermapen World which blew my mind! Dermapen World was so interesting, when I was home having dinner later that night it was the topic of conversation.

So much so my partner (Alfie) went into work (a busy city clinic with a specialist surgeon) and relayed everything I had learnt to the clinic nurse. Alfie is the operations manager and cut a long story short as a result of me attending Dermapen World, the clinic he runs has since purchased a Dermapen. It goes to show, marketing never stops. Everyone is a potential lead, everyone is potential word of mouth and I truly left dermapen world feeling important, valued and a fan of the device. I drank the coolaid!

I can say, I do not leave all events with this same excitement. I often am treated as “media” or a representative and not a potential lead therefore of no value. Which is so interesting to me, as media, writers and influencers within the industry talk to more people and attend more events than most clinicians. I attended last nights High Tech Medical Endymed event, I was cornered for 30 minutes with a business owner asking me 101 questions about courses for dermal therapists. This is a frequent occurrence for me and I love to share my insights, ABIC education members and connect people wherever I can.

The Endymed event was fabulous, and I left desperately wanting a treatment. A great company and great leadership, leaves every single person feeling valued. As we know, it is not what we say or how we say it that is important, it is how we made people feel. In all areas of our lives we are selling, no one will remember the sale or the product from their facial. But they will remember how you made them feel. I definitely left the Endymed launch feeling valued and thankful to the team for sharing so much information. If asked I am now well versed in Endymed and the word of mouth will extend far beyond the Instagram Live.

We bought on a new supplier member Anastasia from Innovative beauty Lab, Anastasia hails from Russia and has only been in Australia for 1 year. Anastasia already has a thriving clinic and has started her own business with a product which has taken Europe by storm. Innovative Beauty Lab is excited to be apart of the ABIC community and I cannot wait for members to learn more about the products. As a new supplier member, we will now work together whereby I will learn more about her products and service and Anastasia will learn more about ABIC – and together we will disseminate information and grow.

Device Consulting – LEVEL UP

After 20 years in the aesthetic industry Device Consulting held its first large educational event: Level UP. Level UP was a full day educational event with live demonstrations, expert power panels and networking with Device Consulting partners such as: Synergie Skin, Loan Options ai, Florabiome by Chiza Westcarr and T.U.K Make Up. I was so proud to be a part of level up, to represent ABIC and that Device Consulting boosted being proud ABIC members.

I am also busy preparing, promoting, and working towards the largest event on the aesthetic calendar the Non-Surgical Symposium. I did some great videos with Dr Naveen Somia which I cannot wait to share with you all. I am thrilled ABIC will not only be exhibiting but are valued media partners of the largest, most inclusive medical aesthetic conference in Australia.

Written with gratitude,
Nicole Montgomery RN


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